About me

Mostly writing and showing the beautiful and lovely side of my life, doesn't mean that laundry don't pile up here, my daugthers aren't always dressed in beautiful self sewn clothes and some days I really don't find a reason to make homemade cake.
Building this little blogspace to keep balance in my daily life. I'm the wife of my, for me perfect, Italian husband and mother of two beautiful lovely girls. We have 3 dogs, two little chihuahuas and a big newfoundland dog.

I'm a strongly believer that selflove makes a strong foundation for a happy and fulfilled life and I wasn't always as confident as I am now and tried to hide myself for a long time because of the feeling of not being enough, worthy or of value.
I learned to see myself with kind eyes, to love who I am and I want to help other women feel the same feelings for themselves.

I'm a Swiss women named with the Greek name Eos and am 30 years old. I grew up near the lake of Constanz in the German part of the country.
I lived 5 years in Italy and now we live in the french part of Switzerland. I have a beautiful Italian husband and 2 daugthers.
Our three dogs are our best friends.

I love stories.
We all have our unique story that makes as to who we are, and I love to hear what makes you you!
I love to tell stories with words, language, images, art, photography and video.

My native is Swiss German, but in school everyone learns German in Switzerland. To speak from my heart I prefer Italian, it comes straight from the feelings and I love the sound of it. I'm more devoted to Italian then to my mother tongue.
To journal, explore and connect in the web I choose English and since we live in a part of the world where everyone speaks french, I learn this beautiful sounding language, too.

Feel free to connect with me, I'm happy to hear from people all over the world, you can email me and I will be there for you.

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