Thursday, 10 April 2014

We all are artists!

Since my newest adventures brings me straight back to art and being an artist (I avoided everything in this direction, since I just suffered so much in art school and felt my creativity being suffocated) I thought a lot about what it needs to be an artist. With a pair of fresh eyes, a bunch of confidence and knowing how I am, I have now a whole new point of view.

Does it really matter if one is talented?
I don't think that it is the most important part of being an artist. I think firsthand it needs dedication to do it daily, to express your feelings and emotions from deep inside you, being vulnerable and ready to show who you are.
This needs confidence and courage. Every day. And there is one very effective thing that helps us get into this place, get in any place we ever desire.

It is practice.

We learn by doing, we move forward by creating and expressing.
There are so many reasons to hold back and hesitate. There are so many fears, pressure and expectations we put on us. We are afraid of being judged, by them around us or by our own self.

I truly believe, that everyone of us is creative. We are all creators and we are the ones to shape or life into the form we desire.

We long to express our self, in so many different ways, because we need to define who we are. We all want to know, what makes us the very person we are. So we seek to express our self, far not only with things we learned to call art, like painting or drawing.
There are so many aspects of expression and just being shapes us into who we are and become.

We have the freedom to decide and become the person we want to be. It needs a little bit of dedication and braveness to follow up with what we imagine our highest own self to be. How we imagine our self to be and then start take action in this very direction, we will become.

We all seek for attention. We want to be seen. We want to be heard. We want to have a confirmation in what we do.
Because we are searching who we are and this attention is like a sign on the road, the outside view to show us if we are on the right track and go in the direction we imagine for us to be the best.


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