Monday, 3 March 2014

The trend of doing what you love

It feels like it is a trend, to start a business, based on your passion. Doing what we love, all day long, every day of the week. Yeah, it really sounds to good to be true. There we start digging. What does it truly is that I want to do?
What is my passion?

Today the coaches that help you find your passion, are floating the market, there is one for every style and pricepoint.
I get it, I was there! For a short amount of time I thought I can help others find there passion, but I think it was just a normal human tendency to take my biggest interest I had at the moment and thought this is it!
I packed it into two other things I'm very attached, web and graphic design.
I really think I can help others to find their way and help them see what they love doing, just because I went through it, have experienced it on my own and can provide a neutral pair of outside eyes.
I still love to help others make their website, blog and design a beautiful logo or business cards. As an artist I love to see  how the colors, style and ideas come together and I love the stories behind that everyone has to share. We are all so unique!

Yes, passions and things we love are tied together on all different levels, and often all the things we love doing or enjoy, come back to this cause.
Sometimes it is a little difficult to see it for our self, because lot of this things come so naturally to us.
I also think that it is totally okay to not have figured it out yet, just trust in you and what you can!

Love is at the bottom, everything is birthed there. I think love is for so much of us the foundation. I'm a passionate mother, wife, artist and storyteller.
I love taking photographs, because of my passion of selflove and acceptance for our self. Taking beautiful photographs help others and myself, see us with other eyes. See the beauty we have in us. Accept us.
My love for beauty and aesthetic is the root of so much in my live. Fashion, art, webdesign, photography, videography, interior design and creating.


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