Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Taking photographs with your cellphone

Today I show you a little peek behind my Instagram feed. I have a very new tool and it is a remote for my samsung cellphone, they are linkable with bluetooth and it opens a big new world of possibilties. I can step away and be in the shoot in an easy way.

Then I have a cellphone holder, just a cheap one which helps me to put my phone on the gorillapod.  You can attach this tripod with flexible legs to a lot of different places and other things inside and out your home. 
I attach it to my chandelier to take short videos from upside down, it gives a new perspective and adds interest to your photographs and videos or you use it in a very easy way just together with a stool and you have a basic tripod to take a selfportrait.

The very basic thing is to look for good and even light. Photography is all about infusing light and dark. Contrast and color and composit them in a beautiful and eyecatching way.
I edit my shoots for Instagram with the Aviary app.
There I just adjust a little bit the lighting, contrast, colors and crop it in a way it is eye pleasing. 


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