Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A book and cardset based on feelings

Let me tell you a little more about my project and my story.

My life wasn't always this love fest. I took the decision to focus on the good side of life and to have a positive view of all what I'm doing. This lead me to wonderful things, I get to know my husband, moved to Italy, we had a second daugther and I learned a new language, italian.
We also moved back again and I'm learning french now.
If I believe in something, I want to go for it. There where just a lot of years in between my life, where I limited myself. I hold back from truly believe in me. I just had always problems to fit in and had my focus so much on being seen or heard. I was hiding and longing to be found.

But there is no one better to see us, then our self, no one knows us better then we know our self.
We have to stand up for our ideas and spread them around the world to be found of others. There is no such magic that this happens overnight and something or someone steps in our life and does the work we are meant to do.

I learned to shift my thinking and see things in a positive light. I became a mother when I was 19 years old. This unfortunately marked me in society and how I was seen in the eyes of so many. For me it was the biggest gift. It pulled me out of a life where lots of shit was going on. Drinking, drugs and giving away all my power.
Becoming a mother forced me to take the responsibility in my own hands. To build a life that isn't brand marked from what is the norm, far away from what others expect or think of me.

Everyone can do it! We have the power to become what we want. We have the freedom to decide and step out of situations that don't serve us and hold us little. We can choose happiness, love and joy. We can choose to dance and we have the strength to take the power over our on life in our own hands.

I love to learn and explore in a playful way, to understand myself better. This guided me to this idea of making a card set and writing a book.



  1. Liebe Eos,
    ich bin zwar erst mit 30 Mama geworden, ich war schon immer eine Spätzünderin, aber der Rest kommt mir höchst bekannt vor...
    Es gibt ein schönes indisches Sprichwort: "Jeder zukünftige Heilige, muss zuerst durch den Sumpf."
    Ganz liebe Grüße

    P.S.: Deine Karten sind wunderschön, bin schon neugierig, wie es weitergeht.

  2. Liebe Karin,
    vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte und das ist ein wunderschönes Sprichwort mit so viel Wahrheit.
    Freut mich sehr, dass dir meine Karten gefallen.


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Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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