Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The love language

Do you know what makes you feel loved?
What triggers this very feeling of being accepted and loved inside of you?

We all have other ways we feel love and we all seek it in different areas of our life. If we know what makes us feel loved, we can help us to experience this very feeling of Love.

It helps us to show love to our self. We can find ways and build rituals to fulfill this need.

There is a website about the 5 Love Languages, where you can find out with a easy quiz, what love language speaks to you and what do you crave to feel loved. Based on this you can find some very easy rituals to grow the love for yourself daily. If you are in a relationship, you also can communicate clear to your partner what you need to feel loved.
I believe that we have to show, what we want, our partners can't read our mind, especially when we sometimes don't know what we want for us.

We have to figure it out first, what we need and how we feel loved.

I love to build little things into my everyday life.
My strong love languages is, quality time.
I take time for myself to journal, it gives me my own voice and helps me being heard. I strongly believe, that a journal practice is very healing and try to write daily. Just out of my head, whatever is going on.
I take time to go to a coffee shop, I read books and I create.

What is your love language and what are little things you can do to feel loved?
They sometimes take up only 5 minutes a day, but make a big difference over time how we see us.
If you like, share your love language in the comments below, I like to hear what makes you feel loved.


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