Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Projects for the future

I know I changed my name, my idea, my path and my vision a lot of times.

I made myself bad for this. I compared to others and always thought that they are just so perfectly straight forward. They know what they want.
This thinking pushed clarity further away from me.
I wanted to be like someone else, that yet doesn't exist, instead of fully admit who I am.
Seeking in the outside for what has to come out of us, isn't a good idea and made me balance up and down. Back and forth.
There was just this last layer to peel off, this old skin that I became to big to fit in and it was painful to stripe it down.

Growth is often painful, it is scary and it is unknown.
It is like to step and jump over the cliff into the sea. You have to just do it and give yourself permisson to take this next step and once you jumped the first time, you really start to like it. It feels like flying.

Until the next thing that scares us, until the next thing you have to push and be brave.

I allow myself to be brave. To not have everything in place from the first moment, to just start slowly at the bottom, where we all have to start.
To be imperfect.

To birth the ideas that are so deep inside me and to make them become tangible and my reality.

Let me tell a little about what ideas I have inside me, I'm now brave to share! I was always scared to share this deepest ideas, I was afraid they could be strange, or not accepted or often I was maybe afraid of the fear itself.

I'm working on a card set, it will be a set of cards with worksheets, that help us along the way, while growing and expanding.
This cards give guidance, when you feel lost and help, when you are stuck.
They give support, they open our eyes and they make us aware about our self.
More then half of the book is written and some design of the cards are ready, the next step is to inform myself about the logistics.
I will let you know about any updates and if you want to be the first to know, I would love to have you on my email list.

There is a matching online course in the secret works, too.
Since I just got out of my own way, it just comes all together magically and I see clear where I have to put the work and focus in.
My time is now, I'm ready to do the work.



  1. I love this post. So often it is so easy to compare yourself to other people. It is really very challenging (at least for me) to stop and think about what I want and what I desire. I feel like I'm just starting to figure it out - I look forward to watching your journey! :-)

    1. Thank you Kristin,
      thanks for coming along with me on this journey. It is a real challenge, but so worth it to create, act and love from our own self. To be inspired from them around us, but not just another copy.
      It needs a lot of courage to be different and we all are unique and this makes us to the beautiful individuals we are!
      Wish you a beautiful day

  2. Du liebe, mutige, unendlich kreative Eos!
    Dein Weg ist genauso so richtig und gut, weil es DEIN Weg ist! ♡
    Deine Pläne lesen sich sooo gut und sie machen mir große Lust, mehr darüber zu erfahren!
    Das Kartenset könnte mir sehr gefallen! 😊

    Alles LIEBE für Dich

    1. Danke liebe Martina, für deine herzlich warmen Worte!
      Das freut mich, dass du mehr über meine Pläne wissen möchtest, ich werde dich nicht lange hinhalten und habe schon geplant mehr zu teilen!
      Das Kartenset ist etwas das mir sehr am Herzen liegt, es sind Karten die auf Gefühlen basiert sind und das ganze wird von einem Buch begleitet. Ein Spiel um sich selber besser kennenzulernen.
      Liebeste Grüsse


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