Thursday, 20 February 2014

My love for online courses

The internet is so full of inspiration and sometimes it is hard to filter, what is useful to us and what only eats our time.
Where to set our focus? What to accomplish?

I love to learn, I love to discover new things, but sometimes I just need to set myself boundaries. I practice to learn with full attention, every day. Something I choose I want to know and not something that comes into my live without filter.

There also comes my passion to take online courses. They have shaped me and they help me to become who I am today.
The value, for something you pay for is stronger. I tend to value it more and more important I tend to stick to it, follow along and this makes me often go out of my comfort zone, which really is the best way to grow. This is where the sparkle tends to be
I love that you connect with others, on your own timetable.
You have a community in your back. You have the freedom of schedule your time when you are free. You can work from home, you have access to the materials as soon you have an internet connection.

For nearly every possible theme you can find a program, course or workshop.

I found Lilla Rogers and her beautiful and colorful world of art. She is a artist, agent for artists and online course teacher.
After buying her book I just had to join her Bootcamp e course and after the first month now in a very supportive and inspiring community I'm really so happy I did!

I love to see all the beautiful work the other artists in our group are creating. It is so inspiring to see that there are possibilities and ways to actually make a living out of making art.
This is my first work I created in the group and community of Lilla, a cucko phonecase.

Here on Pinterest I have a collection of courses and I'm always looking around to find more to learn and grow.



  1. Liebe Eos,
    dieser Post erinnert mich gerade daran, dass ich dir eigentlich dringend mal Danke sagen muss, denn über dein Pinterest-Board hab ich den Blog von Susannah Conway gefunden - darüber bin ich noch immer sehr froh! Also Danke! :)
    Und das Bild mit dem Vögelchen: Wunderbar! Ich finde es immer wieder toll, dass man deinen Sachen sofort ansieht, dass du sie gemacht hast.
    Liebste Grüße, Naomi

    1. Liebe Naomi,
      Ohja, schön dass dir Susannah zuspricht, ich mag ihre Art auch sehr gerne.
      Danke für diese liebe Worte.

  2. Dein Bild schaut hinreißend aus!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Liebe Karin,
      vielen herzlichen Dank!

  3. What a great environment to be a part of - and I absolutely adore the first artwork you created. It's phenomenal!

    1. Oh yes! It really is a very supportive community, I highly suggest to everyone who is seeking for inspiration and support to join!
      Thank you, you're lovely!


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