Monday, 17 February 2014

Daily life

I love to buy fresh flowers, they bring a energy of beauty into our home and my life.
Sketches for a new project, I will let you know more soon!

My little princess girl.
Healthy and homemade joghurt icecream with cinnamon for breakfast makes everydays special.

Homemade macaroons, the first time we made time look good and not only taste delicious.
Found this mother marie at the fleamarket for free, I love the colors of it.

Snuggle and pet a dog makes my days perfect.
Colors and just creating makes me happy and loose track of time.

Daily journal writing is so healthy and helps me to process life and makes me feel heard.
The sun in our livingroom in the afternoon to fill up my happiness tank.

The sketch for my Valentines day Printable I shared earlier this week here on the blog.
Rocking chair bliss, I love that this chair was from my grandfather.


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