Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Be visible, Be you

If you have a message to share, you have to put yourself out there.
If you want to be understood, you have to explain yourself.

I value freedom so much and at the same time, it happened again and again, that I put myself into a cage, didn't do things and hold myself back with growing.
I felt shy and did not say what I really want to say. I felt insecure and did not say anything at all. I felt not enough and did not do, what I wanted to do, because I felt that everyone around me was better in doing so.

Seeking for security and being loved, in the outside world, makes our view unclear. If we don't love us, it is difficult to accept the love of them around us that really love us, the way we are, with all our positive and negative aspects.
If you don't think you are loveable, and we all totally are, you never see the love others bring to you.

I just believe that love makes everything better, always.
Loving us is so important in my eyes. Giving us the value we have.
Loving this around us makes our life so rich.
This needs that we know us and accept all the parts that make us to who we are.
Everyone of us is so special and we all have our very unique story that makes us the very person we are and will become in the future.

I love snapping photos of myself, just because it shows us from an outside perspective, who we are. It lets us practice to step up and show us to the world. It heals our wounds and grows our self esteem.
It helps us being seen and it carries our message.
We all have a story to share, we all are loved.

Start this blog, you want to, but hold yourself back. Write this book and let your words just flow, trust that you have all you need inside you and are capable of more then you think.
Your new project will be birthed into the world, just do it and the practice you will gain will let you grow along the way.
Let me know of what you want to do in the comments? What is your dream, but you are not brave enough yet?
Often what we fear most, is the best for us to do! Because there we have so much potential to grow.
Sharing it with someone else helps us to come a step nearer and brings it closer to our reality.


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