Friday, 28 February 2014

Daily life

Calm and cozy spot to come back to my roots.
Creating for #makeartmonday from maps to herself.

Practice to speak in front of the camera and being seen.
Looking at myself like at a beloved friend, with kind eyes.

Create and just loosen up while playing with colorcombinations..
Calm afternoon time with coffee and my blog.

The smell of fresh washed bedding.
My beloved puppyfriend and our lightfilled livingroom in the afternoon.

On my table, taking fotos, start reading the book "The law of divine compensation" from Marianne Williamson.
And the second line.

Baking together with my two daugthers.
See them play in the lightfilled living room, I love the afternoon sun.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Projects for the future

I know I changed my name, my idea, my path and my vision a lot of times.

I made myself bad for this. I compared to others and always thought that they are just so perfectly straight forward. They know what they want.
This thinking pushed clarity further away from me.
I wanted to be like someone else, that yet doesn't exist, instead of fully admit who I am.
Seeking in the outside for what has to come out of us, isn't a good idea and made me balance up and down. Back and forth.
There was just this last layer to peel off, this old skin that I became to big to fit in and it was painful to stripe it down.

Growth is often painful, it is scary and it is unknown.
It is like to step and jump over the cliff into the sea. You have to just do it and give yourself permisson to take this next step and once you jumped the first time, you really start to like it. It feels like flying.

Until the next thing that scares us, until the next thing you have to push and be brave.

I allow myself to be brave. To not have everything in place from the first moment, to just start slowly at the bottom, where we all have to start.
To be imperfect.

To birth the ideas that are so deep inside me and to make them become tangible and my reality.

Let me tell a little about what ideas I have inside me, I'm now brave to share! I was always scared to share this deepest ideas, I was afraid they could be strange, or not accepted or often I was maybe afraid of the fear itself.

I'm working on a card set, it will be a set of cards with worksheets, that help us along the way, while growing and expanding.
This cards give guidance, when you feel lost and help, when you are stuck.
They give support, they open our eyes and they make us aware about our self.
More then half of the book is written and some design of the cards are ready, the next step is to inform myself about the logistics.
I will let you know about any updates and if you want to be the first to know, I would love to have you on my email list.

There is a matching online course in the secret works, too.
Since I just got out of my own way, it just comes all together magically and I see clear where I have to put the work and focus in.
My time is now, I'm ready to do the work.


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A sketch a day, Week 1

My word of the year is create and this brings me to this challenge, I want to make a sketch a day. Just sitting down and sketching something and if I have and want to take the time, I will also ink, scan or process them.
This forces me to start and take my pencil in my hand, once I'm in the flow, creating is what I love doing. I just loose myself in time and love to see come the picture together.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Create the mood of peace

Make art monday from maps to herself inspires to create. To just let go of pressure and express ourself with a certain feeling. 
I love this idea and I love being inspired to create art. My word of the year is create and so far I'm good and feel that I really are birthing and creating daily. It just feels so good and it feels like there was a long process before, that brought me to this place in which I really feel to have found my voice, my being flows into my creation and they just feel to be a piece of who I am.


Friday, 21 February 2014

Daily life

Sketchings and drawings for some new and growing ideas.
Processing them on the computer.

I decided spontaneously to challenge myself with a daily sketch, there can never be to much practice in drawing. This is day 3.
Our livingroom and kitchen in the afternoon glow of the sun.

Making coffee to enjoy some calm and inspiring time.
Making plans to update my blog a little.

Little things around the house that make me happy.
Sketching some flowers to loosen up and let go of pressure.

Day 1 of my yearly challenge of sketches.
Bringing springtime into our home.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

My love for online courses

The internet is so full of inspiration and sometimes it is hard to filter, what is useful to us and what only eats our time.
Where to set our focus? What to accomplish?

I love to learn, I love to discover new things, but sometimes I just need to set myself boundaries. I practice to learn with full attention, every day. Something I choose I want to know and not something that comes into my live without filter.

There also comes my passion to take online courses. They have shaped me and they help me to become who I am today.
The value, for something you pay for is stronger. I tend to value it more and more important I tend to stick to it, follow along and this makes me often go out of my comfort zone, which really is the best way to grow. This is where the sparkle tends to be
I love that you connect with others, on your own timetable.
You have a community in your back. You have the freedom of schedule your time when you are free. You can work from home, you have access to the materials as soon you have an internet connection.

For nearly every possible theme you can find a program, course or workshop.

I found Lilla Rogers and her beautiful and colorful world of art. She is a artist, agent for artists and online course teacher.
After buying her book I just had to join her Bootcamp e course and after the first month now in a very supportive and inspiring community I'm really so happy I did!

I love to see all the beautiful work the other artists in our group are creating. It is so inspiring to see that there are possibilities and ways to actually make a living out of making art.
This is my first work I created in the group and community of Lilla, a cucko phonecase.

Here on Pinterest I have a collection of courses and I'm always looking around to find more to learn and grow.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The love language

Do you know what makes you feel loved?
What triggers this very feeling of being accepted and loved inside of you?

We all have other ways we feel love and we all seek it in different areas of our life. If we know what makes us feel loved, we can help us to experience this very feeling of Love.

It helps us to show love to our self. We can find ways and build rituals to fulfill this need.

There is a website about the 5 Love Languages, where you can find out with a easy quiz, what love language speaks to you and what do you crave to feel loved. Based on this you can find some very easy rituals to grow the love for yourself daily. If you are in a relationship, you also can communicate clear to your partner what you need to feel loved.
I believe that we have to show, what we want, our partners can't read our mind, especially when we sometimes don't know what we want for us.

We have to figure it out first, what we need and how we feel loved.

I love to build little things into my everyday life.
My strong love languages is, quality time.
I take time for myself to journal, it gives me my own voice and helps me being heard. I strongly believe, that a journal practice is very healing and try to write daily. Just out of my head, whatever is going on.
I take time to go to a coffee shop, I read books and I create.

What is your love language and what are little things you can do to feel loved?
They sometimes take up only 5 minutes a day, but make a big difference over time how we see us.
If you like, share your love language in the comments below, I like to hear what makes you feel loved.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Be visible, Be you

If you have a message to share, you have to put yourself out there.
If you want to be understood, you have to explain yourself.

I value freedom so much and at the same time, it happened again and again, that I put myself into a cage, didn't do things and hold myself back with growing.
I felt shy and did not say what I really want to say. I felt insecure and did not say anything at all. I felt not enough and did not do, what I wanted to do, because I felt that everyone around me was better in doing so.

Seeking for security and being loved, in the outside world, makes our view unclear. If we don't love us, it is difficult to accept the love of them around us that really love us, the way we are, with all our positive and negative aspects.
If you don't think you are loveable, and we all totally are, you never see the love others bring to you.

I just believe that love makes everything better, always.
Loving us is so important in my eyes. Giving us the value we have.
Loving this around us makes our life so rich.
This needs that we know us and accept all the parts that make us to who we are.
Everyone of us is so special and we all have our very unique story that makes us the very person we are and will become in the future.

I love snapping photos of myself, just because it shows us from an outside perspective, who we are. It lets us practice to step up and show us to the world. It heals our wounds and grows our self esteem.
It helps us being seen and it carries our message.
We all have a story to share, we all are loved.

Start this blog, you want to, but hold yourself back. Write this book and let your words just flow, trust that you have all you need inside you and are capable of more then you think.
Your new project will be birthed into the world, just do it and the practice you will gain will let you grow along the way.
Let me know of what you want to do in the comments? What is your dream, but you are not brave enough yet?
Often what we fear most, is the best for us to do! Because there we have so much potential to grow.
Sharing it with someone else helps us to come a step nearer and brings it closer to our reality.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Daily life

I love to buy fresh flowers, they bring a energy of beauty into our home and my life.
Sketches for a new project, I will let you know more soon!

My little princess girl.
Healthy and homemade joghurt icecream with cinnamon for breakfast makes everydays special.

Homemade macaroons, the first time we made time look good and not only taste delicious.
Found this mother marie at the fleamarket for free, I love the colors of it.

Snuggle and pet a dog makes my days perfect.
Colors and just creating makes me happy and loose track of time.

Daily journal writing is so healthy and helps me to process life and makes me feel heard.
The sun in our livingroom in the afternoon to fill up my happiness tank.

The sketch for my Valentines day Printable I shared earlier this week here on the blog.
Rocking chair bliss, I love that this chair was from my grandfather.


Friday, 14 February 2014

You are loved - Valentine free Printable

I'm just in the flow of making art, and there are so much projects and ideas going on in my mind and finally I also implement and create a lot of them.
I will soon share more, about my projects! Can't wait and at the moment I would love that my days would have more hours.

I made this card for you to print out, cut and send to your loved ones or just for yourself.
Just download the pdf to your computer, save it and print it out. Then cut it out and glue the envelope together, I like to use double sided tape it just doesn't smear and is an easy and fast method.

Download your free Gift right here!

My word of the year for 2014 is create and I am just slowly and study creating daily. It feels so good and I'm absolutly happy with this word.
It's just what I needed.
I'm so often living in my dreamworld and visions, but it is time to bring them out into the reality and create them.

Do you have a word of the year?
I would love to hear, share it with me in the comments.

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