Friday, 18 October 2013

Blue and gold

Most of the time the details make the difference.
I really like basic clothes, without prints and in plain color, this is how I feel most comfortable and they work best to combine in my warderobe. 
The problem with them can be, that we could feel boring and not special in any way. So I always think up on little things to add textures and make me feel special. 

This time I found a simple cardigan I like and changed the plain blue buttons against some golden ones I bought at the fleamarket and in no time I have a very special and unique piece for my warderobe.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Take action

I just lost myself in everyday struggles. I wanted to stay authentic and didn't want to post my moaning.
I felt my life to be boring. Maybe because we just made this big move to go to life from italy back to switzerland. I overcame the fear and felt brave, and there it pushed me back in the face.
There was no challenge coming ahead of me. I felt my blog to become a egoistic nook where I strip my soul down. I felt boredom.

I searched in blindness. Unaware.

Here I'm back.
Feeling and nuturing my roots. Knowing the direction I want to go. Ready to share again and ready to enjoy life and it's little and big adventures.

I dream to work as a photographer. My mission is all about making fall in love real humans with themself. To shoot the twinkle in their eyes. To catch the soul and energy they carry with them. To just go deep and show them their beauty in an image of themself.

A strong business asks for a solid foundation.
I'm writing a guide to selflove. I will make this knowledge the roots of my business. I feel that they have to be strong. No wind will blow them down. No storm can carry them away. Building authentic work that comes from the inside of me rather then copy what is a trend right now.

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