Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Salt and pepper for your look

Accessories is what changes your boring outfits.
You can make look and feel interesting nearly every piece out of your warderobe with choosing accessories that are special to you. A clock that you love, a ring that makes you feel oh so elegant or a colorful scarf.
You look how you feel.
Use a gentle scent that makes you feel the way you want. My favourite two at the moment are Halle Berry, Reveal and J. Lo, Glow. I feel they fit to me and who I am.
I love to go to a perfume store and try some new scents and yes, I always also look to feel that the bottle is aesthetic.

I love some gold, in a subtile way, like in my watch or the details of my cameo necklaces.
Feeling special with a little hairclip, necklace, ring or scarf that tells a story, makes the difference. I often use a color I would never wear all in its own, but I love in little doses.
I don´t use any make up since a very long time, my skin is very sensitive and I just feel so much more comfortable beeing pure.


1 comment:

  1. You have beautiful cameos!

    I like your style.


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