Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coming around the corner

If I'm not aware, old habits come around the corner.
Again and again, it seems.

It is a big challenge to stay healthy and balanced in this first time here at this new place. My husband has to let grow roots in his new work and I'm here for our girls. I walk our dogs. I do the daily stuff in another language. It feels like a coming back to my homecountry, but it is in the same way so different. Living in italy for almost five years changed my perspective.
I see the society with other eyes. I'm braver now to look close and learned to see.
Abunduance has clearly his two sides. Switzerland is a rich country, you are insured in many ways, there is support for nearly everything.
On the other side you don't need to force any relationsships, you don't have this deep need for it. You are alone, often. Better to not open to much, everyone has his secrets behind the doors and his weak points under the rug.

So the days run by, the fear of not doing enough or beeing enough sometimes come back to visit my mind. I try to don't open the door to all this negative feelings, but sometimes they stay outside and only wait for a weak moment to come in without even ask me.
It's a battle, but this is what live is about, no?

French is so elegant and gentle, I'm already in love with this beautiful language. I seek to learn it in all it's perfectness.


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  1. oh eos, i know that feeling...and sometimes...mostly i feel the same. here in my chaos. not really home anymore.
    i think of you, darling!!! you rock that, i know it!!! dont let the fear overcome you. you are a strong woman and you do you best in very way...every single day! i wish you the best. a litle color and sunshine in every day. so that you feel home and settled! it isnt easy...but it will become more and more easy every day. do you believe that?

    i love that little elephant and that map in the back. always searching for one of that maps for my boys room...maybe one day i will find one!

    keep going girl...and thanks for your kind and sweet words on my blog!!! <3



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