Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Boost your inspiration

This days I just have some problems to find my flow. To come back to the healing energy. I don't find the drive and am blocked to start beeing creative.

So I brainstormed and made a list to share, with things that awake my inspiration and give me the juice I need.

Set myself free and start

I often don't start doing what I would like to do because I block myself with stupid things. My inner voice is telling me that I'm not skilled enough yet or I'm afraid of mistakes. The really truth is that creating is aligned with practice and this is how you become skilled and learn out of what you have done wrong. We are to afraid of not beeing perfect and it is so important to accept that we never will be perfect, we are human and the imperfectness is in the nature of human. Just realx, open your cabinet, take out your colors, inspiration pictures or washi tape. Open your journal or start cutting your fabric! Just start and the flow will come, even if you start with something simple, like drawing a mandala or doing some doodles.
No fear of mistakes and of the fact, that your results don't become like you want to.

Calm down and set the mood

Do you have a source of energy? Something you now that fills you up and afterwards you are overflowing with power?
Maybe walking your dog is what fills your tank and calms your mind, maybe you listen to some music and dance in your living room, sitting in the sun on the balcony, drinking coffee or tea and journal your heart out until your mind calms down, read a book on the sofa under the blanket, take photographs from the world around or you take a hot bath. Find some things that really fill you up. They don't have to be extra complicated and can be as easy as some scent or a candle.
It is important to be aware and open your eyes, to feel yourself and give to yourself what you really crave for and not what other suggest you need.

Clean up and set the scene

The right atmosphere sets for me the mood. I love to create and take out all what I need, but oftentimes I have an easier start when I'm surrounded in a clean studio. I love to find where my supplies are and create from this point.
I love to switch off the computer and often I set my cellphone on silent mode, because it is on of my weak points to loose myself, into researching and surfing around in the creativity of others, sometimes this helps, but most times this only stops me from creating by myself with my own hands.

Write it down

Journalling is one of the essence in my creations. I write down all the ideas that fill my head, to start then with one. It helps me to clean my mind and don't be afraid to loose good projects in my mind. I also can refer back to find some project to start with. I love to be a writer and you can be one, too.

Plans and goals

Making plans and creating goals is a good way to go ahead and don't loose track on the way. It helps me to pass the not so nice parts of a certain project without giving up and stop.
Afterwards, if you finish something your really enjoy how far you have come and thinking back of projects and goals you have accomplished makes you feel good and gives you the motivation for future projects.
Just go ahead, it is normal that we don't like everything we do. All of us feel like this, but if we learn to see them how they are, as big opportunities to grow and learn, we start to enjoy the journey more and more and learn to come away of only giving value to the end result.


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