Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Birthday party inspiration

My little girl becomes one year older in 9 days. Time pass so fast and she will already be 4. I love her over the moon and as a mamma I´m already planning how should look her day. It looked like this last year.
There should be cake, muffins and sweets. Smarties and lots of pastellcolors, she loves yellow. Cakepops and stripes. Balloons and her birthday teepee. Tassels, pompoms and honeycomb balls.

I already made a first version of a honeycomb ball, in lavender lilac and I really love how it came out, I will make some in all sizes for her birthday and our home.
Tissue and napkin pom poms are a must have for birthdays and I will fill our living room with them.

I found some good tutorials for honeycomb balls, they aren't as difficult as one imagine, but they need a little time and patient.
This diy tutorial from mr. printables blog is my favourite, this watercolor honeycomb balls from eye heart pretty things are just lovely and this party invitation from studio diy is just a sweet idea. Design and Form shows how to craft your honeycomb ball out of a napkin and also how to make napkin pom poms. Here you find some beautiful color combinations for honeycomb balls on the blog of papillion and peony. Mini honeycombs in beautiful pastell colors from studio diy, love them and will make some.

I have a hard time when it comes to presents, our girls just have everything they need.
We are all so overfull with material things, I just can't stand it and I really think our kids become everything they can imagine. My girl doesn't even have a wish and she really don't need lots of things to play. She inventes new games every day. 
I think we will just stick with some easy things, because unwrapping a gift or two at your birthday surley is something very special if you are so little. Maybe some clothes, a beautiful and warm pair of shoes, rainbow colored pencils and some play dough. Lets see if I come along some nice little things she would love in the next nine days. 
I will also make some new cushions for her bed and I'm even thinking whipping up a quilt, some clothes for her or her babydoll and I hope to come along the perfect idea in the next days.

Has anyone of you a good idea?



  1. I love how you plan to decorate!

    And do not think too much about presents - time with family and games is the best. Well, something to unwrap is never wrong, too for little ones.

    Have you seen the Hello Kitty fabric by Liberty Japan? So great for little girls and sewing, but I think it will take too much time for the way....

  2. hallo,
    wie wärs wenn du ihr eine Erfahrung bzw.Überrachungsausflug schenkst? z.b. eine stunde pony reiten? natürlich kann man so ein pony schwer einpacken...
    liebste grüsse hemma


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