Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Birthday is a happy day!

My little girl became 4 years old last thursday!
Like I already said, it wasn't easy to gift her something, she has nearly no wishes and loves mostly to play with her playmobils figurine. They are a all time favourite. She is also a very good mummy to her doll and loves to make art and paint.
She is a little princess and I made her a pink tutu she loves to wear. They are very easy to make and you find tutorials all over the internet. My favourite was this here, from treasures for tots.
We ended up giving her some playmobil cows and things out of the farmlife, since we life here we see all over cows, even if we look out of our kitchen window we see inside the farm across the street and can see the cows eating in there. Some clothes, play dough and little things to make art, like new pens and glitter pens and a coloring book.

We discovered some days before her big day, that the circus will be in the city at her birthday and it felt right that she will go there as her big birthday present. Even if her daddy had to work and her big sister went to the circus with her school class, Her and I had a beautiful afternoon, she rode a pony, we've seen the big elephants from very near and ate icecream in the break. It was a beautifull afternoon and party with the hole family in the evening.



  1. Oh, das sieht nach einem tollen Tag aus! Auch hier noch mal alles Gute nachträglich! :)
    Ich erinnere mich gerade an meinen vierten Geburtstag. Mein größter Wunsch war damals ein Puppenwagen, mit dem man auch draußen fahren kann - und ich erinnere mich genau an das Gefühl, als ich den dann am Morgen meines Geburtstages da stehen sah. Hach, Kleinsein ist so schön und geht so schnell vorbei...
    Liebste Grüße, Naomi

  2. she is darling! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday - such pretty details!


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