Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Who I am

I'm pale pink. Soft and light with some dots of gold.
Sweet an bold.

I'm the scent of lilac wildflowers in the mountains mixed with the fresh air of saltwater.
Lovely and almost uncatchable.

I'm the absolutly silence.
Without distractions
Pure calm.

I'm a shy deer in the evening light at the edge of a forest.

I am the light and fresh air streaming in the room in the evening. Touching your naked skin. Flowing around you. Beeing there until you close your eyes and fall asleep.

I'm the taste of natural pure milk.
White and rough.

I'm the texture of lace with florals woven in.
Elegant and complicated.

I'm a seeker of love.
I'm a free spirit and mind.
I am.


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