Monday, 12 August 2013

What I will miss from Italy

I lived now four and a half year in italy and also if in the beginning it was somtimes hard, I often missed my family and friends, I really learnd to love a lot of things in this beautiful country. 
To move away from here means to let behind a lot of things and win back others I missed in the meantime here. It will always be a compromis, wherever we will go, here I've written down the things I really love and will experience more consciously when we come back to visit. 
I tried to open my eyes this last time in italy and seek up everything that moved me, putting it near my heart and treasuring it forever.

- The chirping of the crickets at night

- Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers from the market

- My parents in law

- Beautiful fabrics at very good prices

- Tasty pizza

- Evening walks and warm all night long

- Going to the seaside at the weekend

- The rosebushes behind our house

- The lovely italian language from the heart

- The sun and light

- Amazing shoes

- Our home and the view to the mountains and fields around it

- Delicious Icecream


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