Monday, 26 August 2013

The world at our fingertips

The internet somehow means having all the world at our fingertips.
It seams to be big like an whole universe, unreachable until the end.

We can order things, that then arrive physically at our doorstep in the mail. We can pay for programs and ecourses that change our whole thinking and avoid going to a specialist. We can build groups and move big. We can learn through video tutorials in a very short amount of time how to build a webside, fix the problem of our car or sew a cute dress.
It's all there, in the endlessness of code, between and in the nothing. It's wonderful and incredible. We can do more then ever whatever we want, we can improve all skills and reach to the biggest challenges.

But, there is lots and lots of noise between the sides. Pages and hundred of pages that we are not intrested in, pages we loose precious time in our life and sometimes pages we risk to don't experience real life anymore in his reality.

We can travel all over the world with pictures online. We can see every country through the recording of others, but is it the same as to see it with our eyes. To actually feel it. To breathe it.

What would be the best way for ourself to filter what we want to see?
How are we able to spend the time in the pages that really give us something and we move on?

I think it is okay to go in deeper connections only with people and sides that really interest us and battle a part of ourself to grow. I'm sure this sides for all of us are changing over time, and what you once read with lots of interest loose it's sparkle and you have room to move on. We grow them out and you have to move on to new shores.

It's important to take the whole thing easy, since it is so overhelming and full of information, we really have to be picky and see clear where we want to read and what we want to see.
We have to figure out clearly for ourself where our real interests are and belongside which sides we have the space to grow and open up for new ways of thinking.

We have to blend out the noise and be strong enough to click away from things they actually only catch our attention without serving us at a deeper point. We have to choose what we read by ourself. We all have our own responsability for our beeing.
It isn't easy at all and we learn by doing, we will learn it beeing aware everytime we are around. We will catch this feeling of beeing nutrished after reading or exhaust. We will learn to go deeper to the pages that nourish us and avoid the unhealty things that steal us the energy.

The goal is to read what helps us to grow, hear podcasts that we learn somthing new and stretch and connect in forums or over at facebook not only to be seen, but for the sake of real connection. Giving and receiving.
We can unsubscribe to things we lost interest, without feeling guilty. We all move on and it's part of the plan to grow. The internet is so full of clutter, we have to decide what serves us and where we want to stay far from, because they slow us down and steal us our time.

I love the internet really, because we choose the information that we take out of it. We own it.
The TV in the opposite owns us, you are the inactive part of it and don't have more choice then what channel you choose, and I even don't like one of all of them. For this our family will never own a television. You sit there and let come in everything. You do not have a big choice to filter it and choose yourself.
It comes all from outside in, the makers of the program decide how to manipulate there viewers. It can feel a little bit like relax, but deep down, it never is. The things we see settle down in our subconscious and remain there, this change you without even give you the control to choose the direction you go or notice it even at all.

It is in our hands who we are. We have the choice every day and every hour. So lets strive to be the best version of us to make the world a better place to live in for our children and the coming generations behind us.

Lets choose our interest by ourself and filter where we take our informations. Lets move together and use our perfectly intelligent brain to make our world to a beautiful place to be and grow!


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  1. Beautiful written! We have just two tv. One in front of the bicycle my hubby uses at night to train his muscles after work and one in front of our ironing board. No tv in our livingroom, sleepingroom or kitchen.


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