Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sewing more shirts

I love to have shirts in different colors and fabrics. I love the texture and weight of fabrics, they change all about the feel and mood of a garment.

I love some lace mixed up with a causual jersey. I love to mix colors, mostly sweet and tender. Sometimes I love to be bold and othertimes easy and invesible.
Sewing for myself just gives me so much freedom and it's all in the choice of fabric.

For this shirts I used the malina pattern, it fits perfectly to me and I really love it's shape and fit. I'm sure I will use this pattern over and over again, it is so various and made in an instant. I even sewed most of them only with my old and thrusty bernina sewing machine. My serger has again a problem, I don't know what she has and I really lost my nerves on her. Maybe someday I will have a new serger or will bring my babylock to repair, but it isn't the time now and I go ahead sewing on my old sewing machine, she never disappointed me.



  1. Love your new shirts! They are so beautiful!

  2. The shirts looks so lovely and comfortable - sorry you had serger problems! I use my regular sewing machine for almost everything, and I love her.

    Also, you look so happy in all of your pictures. I love seeing your face pop up on my dash because of that!


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