Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Selflove is superpower

To love yourself and really accept who you are isn't only about wearing nice clothes, having a skinny body, beeing on the last trend or having your hairs styled and wearing makeup.
This things can help sometimes in some ways, but it is important that your body fits to you and you feel comfortable in your beeing.

It is so much deeper, it's really about how you see yourself, this don't come from today to tomorrow, it needs some time to look at yourself with kindness and love. It needs some time to dive deep into yourself and find out what you need to feel fullfilled, where are your belongings and then you can give them to yourself, if you understand your needs and go after them you will not anymore wait for others to statisfy them, because you understand that you are so much better at knowing what you need and you learn to ask for what really serves you instead of beeing disappointed.

The truth about us, our beauty and our beeing is inside of us, we just moved so far away from it in this society with all the distractions. Oftentimes we easier to see the beauty and qualities of others , but so much more difficulte to see it at ourself. We are just so often so hard with us. We judge us so often in a way that is unhealty.
We can become more skilled to see ourself with love, to accept our unique beauty and look at us with the eyes of a beloved friend.

The beauty is inside all of us, it's there and we should treasure and awake  it, instead of compare to others and forever remaining unhappy.
We are so unique and everyone of us has the ability to shine in a bright light, if we wouldn't hide it from ourself.
There is a lot of fear, we are afraid to see us or to say to ourself that we are beautiful and worthy.
If we do so, what do others think of us?
Do they think we are selfish?

Selflove isn't egosim, it is healthy in a very nourishing way. It is one of the biggest superpowers we own

Egoism instead is one of the biggest problems of our society. It's about not wanting to share, having the desire for more and more, even if it does not serve us in any way. A lot of us (with internet access) are living already in wealth and have more then enough and are still afraid of others that could take it away. We own, without even have an use for this things.
The most problems actually have deep down in the roots the problem of egoism.

Selflove is taking care for ourself and it does help also all around us, because we become balanced. You actually only want what serves you and makes you feel really good.
It makes you see your own qualities and who you really are and gives us the ability to accept the weak parts of ourself, beeing open to make steps forward and improve. Going to become the version of us we really are seeking to be. If we see ourself in all our facets and accept us, we will see and treat others in the same lovely way. accepting everyone as a whole and beautiful person, even if they didn't learned yet to see themselves with love.

Affirmations are for me a very good way to learn to accept myself a little bit more and to step ahead of feeling the way I want to feel, I made some time ago this printable with stickers that help me to feel better. This blog is one of the ways to show to myself who I am, it is so lovely to have so much of you on the way with me and going a little part of the path hand in hand.



  1. beautiful, lovely eos...

    ...thank you so much for your words.
    so honestly...so true!!!
    i totally agree with every words.
    it takes its time...to love yourself.
    and there are lots of stones in that way...but its all worth it.
    to find who we really are...and than...to love ourself for that...what we are.
    i´m on my way...every single day.
    and every single step i love myself so much more.

    happy selfloving!!!


  2. I love what you've written. It's so true, and many people get caught up in superficial things that don't matter. Thanks for writing! xx

  3. Wunderbar, liebe Eos, wieder mal... :)
    Besonders am letzten Satz bin ich irgendwie hängen geblieben, genauer gesagt an "This blog is one of the ways to show to myself who I am". Das kann ich so gut nachvollziehen, denn genau so fühlt es sich für mich an. Vielleicht, weil es ein Weg ist, aus der großen Menge der eigenen Gedanken, Gefühle, Ideen, Erinnerungen, Träume, Wünsche, Hoffnungen und Erwartungen sowie all dessen, das zusätzlich von außen auf einen einströmt, das herauszufiltern, was einen wirklich bewegt - Dinge, die einem wichtig sind und denen man einen Platz geben möchte. Denn das Bloggen "zwingt" ja in gewisser Hinsicht dazu, auf den Punkt zu kommen. Man will anderen etwas zeigen, was einem selbst in irgendeiner Art und Weise wichtig ist, muss dazu aber erst einmal herausfinden, was diese Dinge überhaupt sind. Was gefällt mir? Wo zieht es mich hin? Dabei kann man so viel über sich selbst lernen, das finde ich unglaublich.
    Alles Liebe, Naomi


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