Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Photographers that inspire me

Photography is my passion, it is the heart of my beeing and I need it to nourish myself. As a visual person for me it is like a meditation, looking for patterns, compositions and colors. The right falling of light and to catch the mood instead of only the picture.

There are so much inspiring photographers I really admire and I often find inspirations in pictures of others, but try to stay true to my own style everytime. If you want to discover more very talented photographers, make you a coffee or tea and snuggle in the sofa looking through the links below.

Sue bryce captures the beauty in a perfect way. She has a misson she is on and I love everything she creates. Every of her photos she takes is beautifull and perfect. She is my big idol and she also has some very inspiring photography classes at creative life. I really love to read her blog.

Look this video "The light that shines"

The style of Simply rosie is just so natural and her images resonate with me in a deep way. She conserves the beauty in a simple way.

Jinky art is just so storytelling, I love the sweetness. Going to her webside and looking at her photographs just takes you in a fantasy world.
She has some beautiful actions, presets and has a helpful online class for photoshop and lightroom.

Joy form wildflowerphotos just takes photographs straight from her heart and I love how brave she and her family are. They are on a journey with their trailer and lovely kids and life the simplicity daily. On their blog you can read more about their adventures and partake a little.

Angie from Simplicity photography has a perfect clean style and eye for the beauty. I admire her photographs, love to read her blog and she has some helpful videos in her shop.


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