Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My sewing inspiration journal

I love to collect my ideas, it is the best way to free up my mind and have space to develop new ideas and when I'm in the right mood to create I can come back to the inspiration sides and they bring me right back to the point I want. They guide me to the fabric I wanted to use for a special project and they remember me little changes and alternations I planned to make.
I'm visual and love to stick pieces of fabric in my book which I can touch. I stick them inside with doublesided tape.

I write the pattern I used in there, the size I sewed and inspiration pictures. Often I print out a photo from my blog from me wearing the final piece and stick it to my journal.
I love to look through and see what I all sewed for myself, I love to see the evolving of my projects, I love to see which garments I then never take out of my closet and which one I really love to wear. I have less problem to give away pieces that don't fit me well, if I have them in my sewing journal and can free my warderobe of things that do not fit me. I always learned something new, sewing up a garment and it's never lost time, it's gained experience. I can refer back what sizes I sewed or fabrics I used.
I love this inspiration.

I write about everything and try to take out as much pressure as possible. I just mess up and go ahead. Pressure and perfectionism just stop my flow, so I try to stay open and mostly I like how the sides come together. 

I write all inside I discover, I researched my bodyshape and have a list of garments that flatter me and I think to be in the range of the summercolors, even if I'm still not sure. I would love to go to a season stylist to know it for sure. For now I think the colder colors fit me best and berrytones really let me shine. I sticked also a color palette inside my journal.


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