Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Live right now

These days are so new. They still are without routine. They still feel like beeing on an adventure.
We face daily how it feels to not beeing able to speak or understand the people around us, but we also found some new friends. We start a new life and with all this letting go we now are free to let grow new things. We water this new soil and wait to sprout little new plants. Slowly and with lots of patience.
We are happy, most of the time. We are thankful and brave. We love the way we go with our family.
And then we are afraid and have to push through the fear. Steping one feet before the other, in the dark. Going ahead.

It is an up and down.
Like a white canvas to paint new. I try to choose my colors wisley. Making wishlists of my desires. Growing and planning. Developping my purpose.
This days are full and I need time to find the right words, to be clear with myself where to set the borders and what to share.
Everyone of us in this family has his issues and we handle them all in different ways, but we are all here to hold each other, to stand behind each other and to give us the braveness we need.


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  1. oh eos, i wish you the very best in this oh so new time!!! it sounds good and a bit strange. but life is always a bit strange...isn´t it?
    be careful with yourself and take your time to let things grown and settle down!
    i think of you and your whole family!!!

    by the way...your pictures are magical as always!!!



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