Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Inspiration journal to set a mood

I love to cut out magazines, patch together images they speak to me and create moodboards at my walls. I need inspiration and I love to change the images that inspire me.
I figure out how I want to feel and then seek together all the materials that speak to me. I don't do this with my mind, it all flows and the less I'm thinking about compositon or else, the more in the end I like the sides I create. I have for all parts in my life and business journals and there inside I stick pictures to go together with my words.

Before I moved I had to go through all this magazines, I did not want to move them and it just feels so good to let go of old things. It is just time to become lighter and free me up from material posessions. It was good to cut all what I loved and my two little girls where making their own collections and sticked a lot of images in the journals of them.

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