Friday, 30 August 2013

Finding my sweet spot

I just am busy with finding my place in the world, once again and I think this is what life is about.
Finding our place, seeing who we are.
Feeling what we need. Giving a voice to ourself. Hearing ourself.
Life comes in waves.
Sometimes I struggle to accept the point I´m in at the moment, but I learned to say to myself that it is perfectly perfect to always know what we know in this moment. This will change and evolve, but it isn´t all about the goal to meet. It´s about the journey to be in.

There are some points I overflow. I can´t help but the inspiration is coming deep down out of my roots. I feel centered and balanced.
And there is the seeking of inspiration and input from the world around me. Looking and observing. Seeking in and forming it to the version that is true for me.

I try to share with all of you what is going on. I like more to be naked then to put myself into clothes I do not identificate me with. Beeing naked is something sacred and can be very healing. It is seeing ourself as who we really are and it is showing to the world around us who we are.

Also if we life only 300 km from the place we have been before. It is challenging in some points. One of the biggest issues for me is, it is my homecountry and since I lived for 5 years in Italy I really see it with other eyes. There are things and structures in my head I left behind me and yet coming back in this country they show up again at the surface. I have to face them with braveness and then I will stand them.


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