Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Basic top sewing

This period full of moving boxes, sofas and other posessions.
The really right occasion to have some very comfy and practical garments. I just feel much lighter in moving in pants and a shirt then in a lovely dress and I also don't want to ruin one of my loved dresses with dirt or stains.
So I sewed up a bunch of different shirts that gave me a feeling of beeing special and beautiful the same.
The pattern I used was the Basic top I've seen in a lot of blogs and I really love the shape and fit.

The top with the little swiss dots is made out of a perfect and very comfortable cotton jersey. I love to wear it. Simple and lovely.
The teal blue one is made with two layered fabrics, the under fabric is a lightweight white jersey and up on it I cutted a second layer out of teal lace stretch fabric. Then I edged all with fold over elastic in mint. Unfortunatly I felt the blue is a little to bright for me and gave it already away again.
It's all about letting go and have only what statisfy me at the moment. I so want to be free of material posessions and gave away tons of things during our move.



  1. Toll siehst du aus,eos und das doppellagige Shirt steht dir traumhaft gut!!!
    Glg Teresa

  2. Oh wie wunderwunderschön :-).
    lG Melanie


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