Monday, 19 August 2013

5 more things about me

- I dreamed since I was a little girl of my prince and fell in love over and over again, until I found my husband who fall equally in love with my. Calming and fullfilling my heart.
At his side I can exactly be who I am and never ever only have to think how to act. In some parts he knows me better then I know myself. We love each other in all our purity.
This gave me the braveness to be myself all over in my life.

- My parents procreated me while travalling mexico and beeing in the nature near the rio grande, for this I always feel attracted to mexico.

- I like organized things and for me it's more important to have things properly lined up in drawers or in hidden places, then to make a good impact and showcase a perfect home.
I feel the urge to order in the inside first to then let the outside shine.

- I'm very attached to material things and love their beauty or utility. I'm on the journey to learn simplify and clean from clutter.
I often see myself trying to replace feelings with things, which my intellect knows that it's not the way to reach a feeling, but still happens to me in some subconscious moments.

- I love to learn new things, but when I figured out how to do them, I often loose interest and move on to learn again and again. It makes me sometimes restless, but improves my skills.


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