Monday, 5 August 2013

5 more things about me

- My grandfather was a famous photographer. He builded his own business and was at a very early time one of a few who made nudes.

- I'm overhelmed very fast and then become unable to move or take another step foreward, often this can seam like I'm lazy, which isn't true.

- My teenage years where very wild and ended abruptly when I became pregnant at a very early age, I was nineteen.
I then often didn't felt to be a young girl anymore, but also not a grown up. I needed some time to find my place, but always was a mum with all my whole heart.

- I sometimes regret to have had children at this early age. I feel I missed out on travelling, making party, study and making a career. But I never regret to have my daugther, she is my sunshine and I love her!

- I was born and raised without religion, but believe in a divinity in a very unique way.


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  1. I love learning more about you! These photos are also so beautiful. Happy moving and nesting. x


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