Friday, 30 August 2013

Finding my sweet spot

I just am busy with finding my place in the world, once again and I think this is what life is about.
Finding our place, seeing who we are.
Feeling what we need. Giving a voice to ourself. Hearing ourself.
Life comes in waves.
Sometimes I struggle to accept the point I´m in at the moment, but I learned to say to myself that it is perfectly perfect to always know what we know in this moment. This will change and evolve, but it isn´t all about the goal to meet. It´s about the journey to be in.

There are some points I overflow. I can´t help but the inspiration is coming deep down out of my roots. I feel centered and balanced.
And there is the seeking of inspiration and input from the world around me. Looking and observing. Seeking in and forming it to the version that is true for me.

I try to share with all of you what is going on. I like more to be naked then to put myself into clothes I do not identificate me with. Beeing naked is something sacred and can be very healing. It is seeing ourself as who we really are and it is showing to the world around us who we are.

Also if we life only 300 km from the place we have been before. It is challenging in some points. One of the biggest issues for me is, it is my homecountry and since I lived for 5 years in Italy I really see it with other eyes. There are things and structures in my head I left behind me and yet coming back in this country they show up again at the surface. I have to face them with braveness and then I will stand them.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Live right now

These days are so new. They still are without routine. They still feel like beeing on an adventure.
We face daily how it feels to not beeing able to speak or understand the people around us, but we also found some new friends. We start a new life and with all this letting go we now are free to let grow new things. We water this new soil and wait to sprout little new plants. Slowly and with lots of patience.
We are happy, most of the time. We are thankful and brave. We love the way we go with our family.
And then we are afraid and have to push through the fear. Steping one feet before the other, in the dark. Going ahead.

It is an up and down.
Like a white canvas to paint new. I try to choose my colors wisley. Making wishlists of my desires. Growing and planning. Developping my purpose.
This days are full and I need time to find the right words, to be clear with myself where to set the borders and what to share.
Everyone of us in this family has his issues and we handle them all in different ways, but we are all here to hold each other, to stand behind each other and to give us the braveness we need.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Who I am

I'm pale pink. Soft and light with some dots of gold.
Sweet an bold.

I'm the scent of lilac wildflowers in the mountains mixed with the fresh air of saltwater.
Lovely and almost uncatchable.

I'm the absolutly silence.
Without distractions
Pure calm.

I'm a shy deer in the evening light at the edge of a forest.

I am the light and fresh air streaming in the room in the evening. Touching your naked skin. Flowing around you. Beeing there until you close your eyes and fall asleep.

I'm the taste of natural pure milk.
White and rough.

I'm the texture of lace with florals woven in.
Elegant and complicated.

I'm a seeker of love.
I'm a free spirit and mind.
I am.


Monday, 26 August 2013

The world at our fingertips

The internet somehow means having all the world at our fingertips.
It seams to be big like an whole universe, unreachable until the end.

We can order things, that then arrive physically at our doorstep in the mail. We can pay for programs and ecourses that change our whole thinking and avoid going to a specialist. We can build groups and move big. We can learn through video tutorials in a very short amount of time how to build a webside, fix the problem of our car or sew a cute dress.
It's all there, in the endlessness of code, between and in the nothing. It's wonderful and incredible. We can do more then ever whatever we want, we can improve all skills and reach to the biggest challenges.

But, there is lots and lots of noise between the sides. Pages and hundred of pages that we are not intrested in, pages we loose precious time in our life and sometimes pages we risk to don't experience real life anymore in his reality.

We can travel all over the world with pictures online. We can see every country through the recording of others, but is it the same as to see it with our eyes. To actually feel it. To breathe it.

What would be the best way for ourself to filter what we want to see?
How are we able to spend the time in the pages that really give us something and we move on?

I think it is okay to go in deeper connections only with people and sides that really interest us and battle a part of ourself to grow. I'm sure this sides for all of us are changing over time, and what you once read with lots of interest loose it's sparkle and you have room to move on. We grow them out and you have to move on to new shores.

It's important to take the whole thing easy, since it is so overhelming and full of information, we really have to be picky and see clear where we want to read and what we want to see.
We have to figure out clearly for ourself where our real interests are and belongside which sides we have the space to grow and open up for new ways of thinking.

We have to blend out the noise and be strong enough to click away from things they actually only catch our attention without serving us at a deeper point. We have to choose what we read by ourself. We all have our own responsability for our beeing.
It isn't easy at all and we learn by doing, we will learn it beeing aware everytime we are around. We will catch this feeling of beeing nutrished after reading or exhaust. We will learn to go deeper to the pages that nourish us and avoid the unhealty things that steal us the energy.

The goal is to read what helps us to grow, hear podcasts that we learn somthing new and stretch and connect in forums or over at facebook not only to be seen, but for the sake of real connection. Giving and receiving.
We can unsubscribe to things we lost interest, without feeling guilty. We all move on and it's part of the plan to grow. The internet is so full of clutter, we have to decide what serves us and where we want to stay far from, because they slow us down and steal us our time.

I love the internet really, because we choose the information that we take out of it. We own it.
The TV in the opposite owns us, you are the inactive part of it and don't have more choice then what channel you choose, and I even don't like one of all of them. For this our family will never own a television. You sit there and let come in everything. You do not have a big choice to filter it and choose yourself.
It comes all from outside in, the makers of the program decide how to manipulate there viewers. It can feel a little bit like relax, but deep down, it never is. The things we see settle down in our subconscious and remain there, this change you without even give you the control to choose the direction you go or notice it even at all.

It is in our hands who we are. We have the choice every day and every hour. So lets strive to be the best version of us to make the world a better place to live in for our children and the coming generations behind us.

Lets choose our interest by ourself and filter where we take our informations. Lets move together and use our perfectly intelligent brain to make our world to a beautiful place to be and grow!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Daily life

A building in Turin city / And one of the last flowers from our old garden

Boxes all over and in the middle our big newfoundland dog / Chakra journalling

My favourite cameo necklace / Journalling to make the process of moving easier

Moodboard in shades of blue / My rosebush

More buildings form the city of turin / And dreaming of wandering in the world

Left over things from the move, they did not make the best work / Amazing places all alongside the road while driving to the french part of switzerland

Moving all down from the balcony / Our empty and beloved home we left behind us

Moving in and the things out of the boxes / My plants all in one place, they suffer the change a little

 My new studio / Searching places for all our posessions

Lovely little town we live in now / A happy little corner out of my living room

We arrived in our new home and fall all in love with it. It is a beautiful, but in some ways also challenging time in our live and we start slowly to build a new live and habits in this beautiful little town near the swiss mountains. We learn a new culture, new language and all is just to discover. I already love the little town we live in, there are beautiful stores and I also already found a shop with handmade things and know where to grow my washitape collection. In summertime there is a big and beautiful market in the streets and all over are beautiful coffee shops and restaurants where you can eat and drink delicious things. 
Finally we have a fast internet connection and I can't wait to soon share more from our newest adventures, blog again regularly without scheduling and come over to read your blogs. 


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hometour and video

This is the last part of our hometour and I will share a last short video! I love to have this photographs to remember myself the look and feel of our home. In the meantime we moved to this new place and I will show you all the process this new home will go. I love to share our new nest with you!

Here is the video of our home.

I'm really attached to this appartment, it was the first familyhome uf us and we moved in here after we married and our little daughter is born here at a homebird. We builded so much around here with our hands.
We shaped this space of us, builded the kitchen and mounted a fake woodfloor all over.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sewing more shirts

I love to have shirts in different colors and fabrics. I love the texture and weight of fabrics, they change all about the feel and mood of a garment.

I love some lace mixed up with a causual jersey. I love to mix colors, mostly sweet and tender. Sometimes I love to be bold and othertimes easy and invesible.
Sewing for myself just gives me so much freedom and it's all in the choice of fabric.

For this shirts I used the malina pattern, it fits perfectly to me and I really love it's shape and fit. I'm sure I will use this pattern over and over again, it is so various and made in an instant. I even sewed most of them only with my old and thrusty bernina sewing machine. My serger has again a problem, I don't know what she has and I really lost my nerves on her. Maybe someday I will have a new serger or will bring my babylock to repair, but it isn't the time now and I go ahead sewing on my old sewing machine, she never disappointed me.

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