Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why it is unhealty to compare

Yesterday in the blogtipps I said to look at the blogs you like, but comparing isn't the right thing to do at all. it is more to measure yourself against yourself.
It is unhealty to compare, because it forces you to be someone you not really are wholeheartly. It brings you away from your own self and you can loose the focus of who you are.

I forced myself now for some time to take more photos when we are out and about. On our adventures. On our walks with the dogs and while eating an icecream in the city of turin, at our favourite gelateria, grom. At saturday at the playground in this big city or at the market.
But it doesn't come naturally to me. The photos I take, they lack soul. I come home and looking at the images I took, I do not recognize them as mine.
Even on my instagram feed I have most photos of our home and around. When we head out and about, my phone stays in my bag. ALL DAY LONG. I did not accept it to be like this. I wanted to show our adventures, I wanted to show our city, the sun and market. The life and italian people smiling. but when I'm in and smile at them, I breath the moment. I seek the sun on my skin and I walk with my family and our dogs. I smile and laugh. I live. Full.

And I have to accept that there isn't space to post to instagram or take photos for my blog, there isn't even space to take the phone out of my bag and snap a photo! I would love to show you all more from here in italy, but I do not like families around who everyone is on the phone. I do not like to see parents not enjoy the adventures with their children and instead only playing at there phone. I have disactivated all the notifications on my phone, I don't want to be distracted in the middle of life. I don't want to check emails all day long. I love to have a certain freedom and I want to be there and see how my children grow and play, now and not in one year when I go back on my instagram feed and compare to the photos I take then. I will be aware and I will dance in the rain and swing with them until the sky.

Ps. I will make a break from sharing my weekly goals, I try to update them in my private journal, but since we move in this period of time, we have to put things in boxes and give away so much, the most of my posts are prepared in advance and I do never know when I have some time to come to my computer!
It is busy, full of adventures and I love it like this!


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  1. I really like what your wrote here. Most of my photos are taken in my home too. The photos I snap out and about are usually on my phone unless I have specifically taken my camera out on a photo walk. I think it's really important to be fully present, especially when you have children. I love that you turn off all the notifications on your phone - I'm going to do that this summer too. :)


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