Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Teal blue bikini

Just another bikini, it is always good to have a set to change.
I bought this fabric with my new bathing suit in mind and love the color. This time I made straps and not to tie in the neck. I love both versions and can't say which fits better.
I've already more ideas to sew my own swimwear in mind, I'm just in the flow to sew and maybe it helps that I should have packed up all my fabrics in boxes to move them over in our new home in switzerland. I'm better at working under pressure and with all I made in this days before moving our posessions in boxes I made some blogposts ready for the time I will stay offline between the countries.

I feel a little uncomfortable to show again a photo in a bikini, but you really only see how it fits in this way and oh yes, I forgot to clean the mirror before taking this picture.

I just also thougth a lot about body image and how we see ourself after reading at Kirsten from sew Classic, Ashley at Craft Sanctuary and Sara from Ohhhlulu. I love the show off your skivvies challenge they run and I think they are just brave in a good way. It is always so good to put on the table themes we are a little shy about or even have a certain fear. I felt vulnerable after posting my first bikini on myself. I felt like showing to much and I felt unsure in a way I don't want to feel.
This is my blog, I don't want to fit in everything. I want to be like I am, without putting on shame or any other mask.
My first bathingsuit I made last year, I did never show. I just wasn't brave enough. It was the Alison pattern from burdastyle, altered in a two piece bikini.
Yes I was heavier and in the meantime I lost some weight, but I would say that in real life I wasn't less confident about my beeing then I am now.
I feel better now, I can run up the stairs without breathing problems. I feel so light and often full of power. I feel strong and this makes me feel stronger in my head too. I think the biggest part about loosing weight is on the mental side. Mostly we eat to much, because we are out of balance, the same is for eating to less and other eating disorders, they show all up outside that we are out of balance in the inside, and really, we are human and when are we in perfet balance?
I felt alone in the first time here in italy and tried to fullfill this longing with eating. It did not change about my loneliness, but about my weight. The biggest part to overcome this struggles was in my mind, it was a habit that I had to put down and I had to learn to eat healty from scratch. I tried by myself for a lot of time until then I came to the dukan diet and went with the online programm. It helped me to stay accountable, to have someone in the back that controlled me. It gave me the feeling that I don't have to do it alone, that I'm guided and this was a hugh help for me. I couldn't anymore put my plans for dieting at tomorrow, because I was subscribed and I had to go with it, at last I wanted to try to go with it and the first time was hard.
I was emotional unstable. I even cried a lot and had to go through some pain and let this patterns behind me. The hardest part wasn't about my eating, it was the part in my mind.
Everyone has to find whats good for them to stay healthy, and I think it is for everyone different.

This bikini is made like this first version in dark and shiny brown, with help of this Burdastyle pattern from 6/2011 and the knickers are a self construction that fits perfectly to my bottom.

You find free knicker patterns around the internet here at So, Zo..., at mademoiselle chaos maybe you like the rosy ladyshorts pdf and here you can find some instructions how to copy and sew your own panties.

This swimsuit DIY from cotton and curls I want to try out in the near future. Easy and I love the look, maybe I would add some straps to make a bow behind my neck.
Also to this bathing suit tutorial and pattern I'm drawn to and want to give it a try in the future.


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  1. Your swimsuit looks fantastic on you! You're so right that seeing it flat just doesn't have the same effect as when it's on the person it's made for. I think you and your suit are incredible and I love the blue color so much, as well as the ivory you used on the middle and the sides of the bikini. So well done!!

    I am so glad you like and support the Show Off Your Skivvies challenge. As women, it can be very hard to put pictures of ourselves out there, especially when we don't always feel our best. (By the way, I love how you got rid of your tv and don't watch the news - I think I'm headed in that direction!) Also, I completely agree with you about food and weight and something being wrong in your mind. I was definitely in a very bad place when I gained weight a few years ago and once I was able to get control of my food and my mind, my weight followed suit and I'm not as content as I want to be, but I'm working on it. :-) Being accepting of my body is one huge step for me, and as strange as it sounds, posting pictures of my body on the internet in the supportive sewing community helps.

    Going to check out your other swimsuit now!


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