Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sewing for my camera

My new camera screams for a new strap and bag!
I found a lot of tutorials around the internet, how to make a camera strap slipcover like this you can change the colors of your strap with your clothes. Here you find the instructions for a padded kind of camera strap.

This diy chain to hold your camera is awesome, really love it and will maybe make one in the future for me. Can't imagine only if it is comfortable to carry a heavy camera around with it. This beauty is made out of lace and perfect for romantic days.

If I would have a budget I would buy me this pink leather version, really fallen in love with it. Beautifull. I love that it is thin and the system you use to fix it to your camera. This one is surely on my wishlist.

I made a very easy version of a camera strap, cutted a long thin stripe of real leather and fixed it with two rivets on each side to the metal clip I still had from an old purse. Fast and simple.
I like that my camera strap is made out of the same leather like my blog binder!

Here I found the camera purse insert from vanilla and lace that convert every choice of bag in a padded home for your lovely cam. Another very helpful tutorial for an insert from how joyful you find here.

For my insert I took the measure of the base and the height and made an insert with open sides and fixed on it some velcro. Then made a lot of dividers, like this my insert is adjustable to the things I want to bring with me.
I had only selfadhesive velcro, which I was not able to sew on, the adhesive made me problems and my thread glued to the needle and broke. I had to invent a new idea and glued the velcro with the hotgun to my fabric. Now lets see if this system holds in my everyday use.


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  1. Na das ist super! Mach ich mir auch!


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