Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Print your own selfcare stickers!

Live just guides us and if we trust and let go of our fears, everything will just fall in place in the right time.
There is no other way, it is the law of nature that tends to be in balance.

My purpose is all about selflove, it unravels back as long as I can remember. I learnd all about it, sometimes the hard way and sometimes with beautifull life lessons.
I struggled a lot, dived deep down to the ground and came back to show off. Several times in life and it will go on again like this. I notice the more experienced I become, the more I feel brave to show up and the less I have to dive down to stay alone with me. The more I'm able to share straight from the heart.

I want to be this blog a place where we can show off and let fall down our boundaries. A place to connect instead of building walls.
Freedom isn't reachable until we are bounded to our bodies, but we can set ourself free in our minds. We can put down our masks and show whats inside our heart. 
We can be who we want to be and become a better version of ourself every day.
The most important step is to accept ourself and to admit our imperfection. We all are like this and beeing a human makes us a perfectly imperfect beeing, but this don't has to be a problem, until we don't make it become a problem by ourself and we have to learn to deal with it in a healthy way.

We all struggle and walk in the dark. We are all seeking a purpose and the sense of life, but the ones of us that learn to go further, to step ahead and overgo our fears, to look them straight in the face will grow.

Every victory is personal and we sometimes have to battle over years with our weak points and othertimes we learn to accept them and let them behind us in an instant.

To overcome them we have to be brave.
The very first step is to actually see them, because you can't accept anything if you are not aware of it. You have to look close by and make friends with this points of yourself.
They are making you to the person you are and YES, they are somewhat scarry, too.

But mostly you are a incredible beautfiul beeing, and very sweet person.
You are full of love deep down, behind your fears and at your roots. You are the love.

Here you can print out some love
pdf A4
pdf 2 x A5

As a selfreminder I made this printable love stickers. I print them on stickerpaper and cut them out, then stick them to my journal, in my planner and on the mirror in the bathroom. It feels good to be reminded that we are all beautiful. We are the love.

A big  thank you to Karen from www.thegraphicsfairy.com for the grapics.


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