Monday, 8 July 2013

Photography gear

My husband made me the best gift ever! A new camera for our anniversary! I have now a Canon Eos 650D and I love that my new baby has a video function, you can switch over the touchscreen display and with the camera together I became the 40mm Pancake lens, which is very lightweight and I can carry around with me all over.
I really try to take more times my camera with us on our adventures!
I will also sell my old camera a Canon Eos 400D, since I'm still in the process to own only what I use!

Sure, the camera you use helps to improve your photos and the quality of them, but it's still you behind the lens that captures this moments and I really think you do not need to have the most fancy camera to be a good photographer, it's more in the practice then in the camera and her features itself.

The same I love to read about what gear other bloggers use and for this I share here the tools and skills I make my photographs.

I have several lenses and the lenses are really much more important then the camera, good glass makes just the difference and is so much more important then a good body. It is also important to pick your lenses for your needs and not only looking what others have, with practice and reading you improve and learn and after you really will know where your needs are and how the way you shoot is.
You find for almost everything tutorials around the internet, the ones that catch my attention I collect on my "photography inspiration" pinterset board.

My lenses

- Canon 40 mm 1:2.8 STM
My newest one and perfect for recording video with the STM motor and also very lightweight to take along.

- Canon 50 mm 1:1.4 
I really love this lens and she just takes photos in low light, it is my lens for bad lighting situations or on a rainy day.

- Canon 50 mm 1:1.8
This was one of my first lenses and her attractive price makes her a really good lens to start with.

- Tamron 28mm - 75mm 1:2.8
This is actually my most expensive lens and I have her a lot on my body, she deals good with light and it's easy to make photos out of different angles

- Sigma 90mm 1:2.8 Macro
This one is perfect for macro and I love her also for some portrait shoots.

I have a remote control and a trypod, both nothing fancy and just the cheapest one I found on ebay. If there is bad light I own also two softboxes, but I prefer to make photos in daylight, I just like the mood daylight creates and find it so much more flattering.

Most photos on the go I make with my Samsung Galaxy Note phone or with my Samsung (WB150F) point and shoot camera, the point and shoot I mostly use when we go to places I'm a little afraid that someone could steal my reflex camera, like the seaside or a concert and until now it was my camera to record videos.

For editing my photos and graphics I have a pc notebook with lightroom 4 and corel paintshop pro X5, I would love to use photoshop, but it is just to expensive for what I would use it for.
I love my wacom bamboo tablet, it just makes working so much fun!

There is so much great gear and my wishlist sometimes seems to be without end, some of the things I would love to use for the future are.

-  The 10mm-24mm lens would be a great fit for me
- An eye fi SD card with which you can transfer your photos directly to your tablet or pc
- A gorrilapod, the tripod for on the go



  1. That's amazing, you lucky girl!! You're so right though, taking great pictures is less about the equipment and more about capturing the moments - the documentary photographer, Giley Duley, talked me that. You take beautiful photographs; I love the intimacy and the slight whimsical air that they have. Keep doing what you're doing! Xx

  2. Wow. That is an amazing gift and you are really well equipped. I'm not sure though that your pictures will get any prettier because of the new cam - I just don't think they can... <3


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