Thursday, 11 July 2013

My studio and our living room

This is my studio, today I participate at the link party from karen of my desert cottage, I love to peek inside the studios of others and for this I will show you where I create.

I have to let behind this place here, we move back to my homecountry and I have to build a new space of mine to create. I love to sew, blog, journal, take photographs and create. It is just a such a beautiful thing to work with my hands and make somthing in the way I imagined it. I love all the process from gathering inspiration over buying materials to the step until you have a unique and handmade thing in your hand. It just makes me happy.

I'm a fulltime mother and tried a lot of business ideas which all not properly fitted to me and I fastly felt overhelmed and started to struggle. My latest attempt to open my own jewellery business isn't the right fit again. It isn't easy to admit this, but I do not feel anymore like I lost time, I learned so much on the way and this is all experience I will carry with me forever. It just wasn't the right fit for me, so I create for us as a family at the moment. My purpose is all about selflove and acceptance for oneself and my dream for the future is to be a portrait photographer.
I love to sew my own clothes and my next adventure will be building our new home and learning french! I can't wait to move and arrange e new home and studio for us.
My studio is in the livingroom and I love it this way, like this I always have my family around and near. It is just the perfect place to be.

Since we move this month, I will show you every week a little peek inside our home, come over here next thursday to see our bedroom.



  1. Eos, what a beautiful light-filled space you have. Gorgeous! I think it's great that you just keep creating. Some things fit and some don't - just keep creating. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. A gorgeous space! Despite the fact that you have two children and three dogs, I always get a sense of calm and peacefulness whenever I see your space. Remarkable!

  3. Your space is beautiful and so full of light! It must be such a joy to work in. Good luck with moving and creating a new space. :)

  4. I think your doggies are so cute the way they sleep so closely together. Thanks for sharing your lovely white, airy craft space with us. I love the fact that your family are close by. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  5. Your creative space is beautiful. I also think that you take wonderful photos! You have a real talent there. Thanks for letting us visit. Sue

  6. Hi Eos :)
    thanks for sharing your space with us! Your craft space suits you perfectly! I love the sweet touches here and there. I agree with Sue that your photographs are stunning! best wishes,

  7. I enjoyed peeking into your studio – you have a lovely creative space. The photo of the big and tiny dog is PRECIOUS. How sweet that they get along. Enjoy your new home! Cheers from Singapore.

  8. You've created a lovely creative space for yourself. I love seeing all your fabric. It makes me feel that I'm not alone in collecting fabric!


Thank you all, I'm so happy about your comments and that you let me feel the love.
Feel free to communicate with me in english, german, italian and soon french!
Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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