Monday, 22 July 2013

Inspiration for our new home

Since we have seen our appartment I'm arranging the furniture we have around in my head. I imagine the purpose for every room in our home and I decided for the mood I want to create with a pinterest moodboard "new home".

When we knew that they took us for renting their home, we asked also for the floorplan and I became even more clear how I want to make it look like.
I already see our new nest in it's full bloom and I'm in love. It helps so much to have a nice place to go to, like this letting behind our beloved little casa is much more easy.

I love to decorate and making rooms at the same time practical for what they are made for and I really have to do it with what we already have. There isn't a budget for all the wishes we have yet, also if my wishlist is growing all the time I browse around in beautiful homedecor blogs or at pinterest boards. There are so much things I would love to have, but for now I also have to admit that we have all we need.

Just a little wishlist what I would love to have for our new home in the future

- Ghostchairs or this beautys

- Ikea stocking bed for my girls

- An old selfrestaurated sofa in pink

- A fancy coffeemachine

- A pink blender

- Ikea barchairs

- Patio furniture

In our home we had a garden, but at the new place we don't have this luxury anymore, but still we have an outdoor space and there is a big patio. I will transform this place in a very comfy and cozy one, I already pinned a lot of balcony and outdoor inspiration to my pinterest board.

In my mind I have some comfy chairs to take the sun, rosebushes, a table and chairs to eat outside at warm summerevenings and I would love to bring the teepee I made for my girls out there to play.
There is already installed a fixed barbecue and I can't wait to use it and make a delicious dinner over the fire. So fun!

Can't wait to go and create our new place to live in! I'm sure we will love it!

The three books that inspire me for my home and I'm looking through again and again are Homespun Style and Pretty Pastel Style from Selina Lake and Decorate Workshop from Holly Becker. They are full of inspiration and I love them all.

If you have some lovely decorating books you like I would be so happy if you share them in the comments below. Let me know which ones let your heart beat faster!



  1. Hallo Eos,
    weißt Du, dass ich in der gleichen Stadt wie Holly Becker wohne?
    Allerdings habe ich sie noch nicht getroffen. Ihren blog decor8 mag ich sehr.

    Wir haben auch kaum Garten, aber Balkone und viel grün. Als pflegeleichte Balkonpflanzen kann ich semper vivum empfehlen. Meine brauchten nur die ersten Wochen Pflege und wachsen und blühen jetzt ganz ohne mein zutun in Kästen.

    Die Design-Bücher die du vorstellst sehen toll aus! Ich bin schon gespannt auf Eure neue Wohnung!

  2. So pretty! I looked at your Pinterest and you've definitely got a good eye for some of your finds there. While it's a pity that we can't ever have all that we want, what's important is making use of what we have and efficiently maximizing our space. Good luck with your new home. I'm sure you'll have fun decorating it!

    The City Block Team


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