Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Infinity dress

I stumbled open this dresses more then once and everytime I thougth that one day I will make one like this.

There are so much possibilties to wear them and it makes this dress very adaptable at different bodyshapes. You can tie your straps for a cozy afternoon at the seaside with flattering arms or strapless for a dinner out.  It is all up to you how to wear it.

The most important thing in my eyes is to choose very lightweight and good falling jerseyfabric. I found mine at the market here in italy and my dress is made out of two pieces for the straps in the size of 25 cm wide and 200 cm long, my fabric was just this length and they are a good length for me.
A square of 140 cm x 140 cm I folded in four layers and cutted a big circle for the skirt and made a little hole inside it in the middle to fit around my waist, the upper bodice I made 35 cm high and sewed it to fit very snuggly around me, my fabric is very stretchy and lightweight, so I also took it double layered at the bandeau top.
I decided to make a bandeau top, like this I feel more free and don't panic to show to much skin when I play with my girls. It is just more comfortable to not worry about my clothes.
It is easy and fast done, you have only to make one seam, but since this lightweight fabric is very slippery I would suggest to first sew the two long straps to your circle skirt, make sure to overlap them at the front and then sew the bandeau top with a second seam and with some stretch all around to the skirt. Use a stretchstich or a zigzag to sew the pieces together. It is really also possible to do it without a serger.
This kind of fabric will not frill and you can let open all the edges. Easy and fast done.

Here you find a handy tutorial at sew like my mom, there is also the version with the bandeau to from the diy mommy and here are more handy tips how to sew one for yourself from knuckle salad. If you understood the concept it is just easy. I for sure will make another one in a solid color as soon as I find a fabric that fits for a good price.

Love the idea to use them as braidesmaid dresses, here you find an etsy shop with very beautiful ones! Just google for infinity dress and there will show up hundereds of versions how to wear yours!



  1. It's a very pretty fabric and the dress looks beautiful. I've never seen an infinity dress with a patterned fabric, it works so well.

  2. Wow das Kleid ist wunderschön und soooo raffiniert gemacht, sehr gute Idee. Es steht Dir allerdings auch perfect und Du kannst jede Variante sehr gut tragen. Der Stoff hat kleine Röschen, stimmt das der ist genial dafür.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Oh, ist das wunderschön geworden! Der Stoff und Schnitt steht Dir super!

  4. This is beautiful! I've never been fond of infinity dresses, but I think you've just changed my mind! I love how you tied the straps and the pattern is just perfect as well. Great job!

  5. Total schön!


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