Monday, 29 July 2013

Free daily planner

I already made a weekly planner and since I made it a habit to sit down in the morning, journal my soul and heart out and then writing my goals and to do list for the day, I looked for a readymade sheet that makes it easy to organize the day ahead.

I for myself reach a lot more of what I want to do if I take the time to look close what I have to do, which things are more or less urgent and then working focused through my day. I always try to not put to much tasks in one day and am very careful to make it all in a positive way, I love to tick things form my list and make the tasks for my days as little as I can. It just overhelmes me less and gives me the feeling of accomplish more and in an effective way.

Thank you lovely Karen from the graphicsfairy for all the graphics!

Here you find how I made my binder, here is a free printable index and here the weekly planner I designed.


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