Friday, 26 July 2013

Daily life

Healthy breakfast and a result of my drawing practice. I try to draw daily for some time.

Love this little one and a building from Turin city.

Boxes over boxes all over our appartment. I'm so brave and strong and give away a lot of things I do not need anymore. It's hard mental work for me.

Bye bye sewing machine for some time now and my scarf collection in beautiful colorshades.

More boxes all over and my essentials in a basket. My journals, inspiration pictures, documents, pens, watercolors and my photocamera.

My warderobe, I gave away half of all the things in my closet and feel so much lighter. This little ones all in between and beeing cute.

Turin city in the evening light and a selfportrait draw by me.

Some leftover wrapping paper and orange flowers blooming on our balcony.



  1. Gorgeous pictures. Love those pretty scarves. Well done for reducing your wardrobe, I really need to do this too. Beautiful drawings, what a great daily practice. Hope the move goes well and have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Your selfportrait is beautiful!

    Boxes we still have some left after our move...

    Hope everything goes smooth with your move and you can enjoy summer!

  3. GOOD LUCK with the move Lovely, I am so looking forward to seeing you again in your new home! With love...

  4. Ui, euer Umzug geht voran, ich freue mich für euch. Die Posts zum täglichen Alltag mag ich sher :)



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