Friday, 19 July 2013

Daily life

I love this message, always go to far, because this is where you find the truth, on the wall in our bathroom.

Seeking blogging inspiration and taking photographs.

Copic marker inspirations, I love the pastell color range I own and how they draw.

Cutting inspirations out of my magazines and hibiskus flowers my lovely daugther gifted me. 

Litte roses that look so perfect they seam to not be real, but they are.

Paper pattern collection.

I have the goal to practice my drawing technique daily, this unfurling book inspired me deeply to do so.

I'm grateful I let go of pressure and don't have to take photos out and about, it's me that make my own rules for my blog.

Time for myself with colorful markers, journaling and coffee.

Full bloom in our garden.

Filling my sewing inspiration book with scraps of fabric and images that speak to me.

More drawing practice.

Start sorting out slowly before moving, making mountains of things to give away and take.

Fill in some colors.


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