Friday, 12 July 2013

Daily life

Hello Flower inspiration and teal polka dots!

Making sewing plans for the future with fabric scratches, sketches, patterns and inspiration pictures! (I use doublesided tape to put inside my sewing book some real fabric)

They sleep close by most of the time

Making messes with fabric and seeking for sewing inspiration.

Fresh vitamins for lunch. My lovely big daugther made this summersalad for me.

Seeking inspiration and cutting out magazines. Like this I don't have to move all this old magazines to our new home.

Sewed a infinity dress and love the fit and fabric.

My studio in the morning, everything is calm, only a little puppie happy playing.

All my journals and seeking inspiration out of magazines. Mess inspires me and I love to surround me with beautiful materials, scraps and fabrics.

We had ants in our bedroom, brought them inside with the flowers, here to collect them and bring them back out in the garden.

My laceshirt, love lacefabric and am full of ideas to sew things.

Perfect flower, nature is such perfection and balanced. We can learn a lot. 

Come over to the weekly love project from Jane and link your grateful moments of the week at her side.



  1. Ich glaub ich wiederhole mich aber ich habe dein Blog so gerne, lese so gerne mit und schaue mir deine wunderschönen Fotos an... dein Kleid ist ganz zauberhaft, traumhaft schöner Stoff!!!
    Glg Teresa

    1. Liebste Teresa
      Danke Dir von ganzem Herzen, so schön Dich an meiner Seite zu haben.
      Den Stoff habe ich hier gekauft
      Kann sein das Du einen diesen Stoffläden in deiner Nähe hast? Ich werde den vermissen und bei unseren Besuchen in Italien wohl immer wieder dort vorbeischauen. =)
      Wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende

  2. gorgeous and amzing pictures, eos!!!
    i love them all.
    looks so calm and cozy and lovely!
    and those two still my heart, they are more than cute!!!
    have a great weekend, lady!


  3. I could get lots of ideas from your blog. and i am crazy about your white creative space, plus that summer salad looks wonderful i am a new follower here.


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