Friday, 5 July 2013

Daily life

Sweetness pure, I enjoy every moment with this little one.

Flower bliss out of the garden

Shoes for my little girl, I want the same ones they are too cute and glittering.

Looking pippi longstocking in french, best way to adapt to the new language they will learn.

Sewed my bikini for this summer, finally. Love it and it fits perfectly.

I just love hot summerdays and light.

Strawberry smoothie.

Planning my week, there is a lot to do before we move.

My lovely husband made me happy, the Canon Eos 650D is now my new love. Best present ever.

Gold makes me happy, and even a lonely day becomes a little more sparkle like this.

Little sweet dogs. They are just my best friends. 

I love to collect grateful moments and take them near my heart, they make my life so much fuller, they let me see and be aware to things I would afterwards not recognize and I catch all this moments during the week and collect them at my instagram feed. If you want join the fun come over to the weekly love side.



  1. Io amo il tuo modo di fotografare... mi piace tanto und dein schreibstil hält mich sowieso jedesmal gefesselt
    Glg Teresa

    1. Grazie cara. Che bello da sentire che ti fa piacere venire sul mio blog. =)

  2. So pretty (I love those sandals too, why don't they ever make them for grown-ups!). Love that you've photographed moments of gratitude, such a great idea I think I'll do the same. Thank you for the inspiration. Maybe we should create an instagram hashtag! Happy Friday. :)

    1. Yes, would be a good idea to make a hashtag, even if I always forget to write them to my photos. I just go ahead collecting little moments and for me it worked perfect collecting them over there. I just limit my time looking the photos of others, I used to loose to much time seeing the things what others are making and forgetting in the meantime to create and do by myself.
      Wish you a beautiful day
      With love

  3. such wonderful lovely pictures.
    i love them.
    looks a little bit like wonderland.<3

    have a great and sunny weekend, dear beautiful eos!!!



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