Monday, 1 July 2013

Bikini sewing

I planned to sew my bikini for this summer for so long, but did wait to long to start and try it in real life. I often have this problem to stay to long in my mind with my ideas before taking the materials and plug in my sewing machine, because more often then not at the end the result is so different then I imagined. Fortunatly most of times in a good way.

I really love the look of my new bikini and I have already other ideas how to alternate the pattern I used. It is a burdastyle pattern from 6/2011, but instead cotton I used lycra strech fabric. For this first version I did not use my favourite fabric, I first wanted to try if the shape fits to my body, and he does and I like it a lot.

The panties is self constructed and fits perfectly, I make most of my undies out of the same pattern.

It is a very easy version, but perfectly like I love it, classy with some special details.

To sew a bikini is less difficult then one thinks, the sliding fabric is the biggest challenge and the rest isn't as complicated as one think. I used my serger, but you do it perfectly without having a serger, and then I passed all the seams with an elastic stitch from my very old sewing machine. The borders are underlined with an transparent elastic and sewed down with a little stretch and a elastic stitch to the borders.



  1. Liebe Eos,
    der Bikini sieht wunderbar aus - und steht dir wirklich fabelhaft!
    Ich kenne es auch nur zur gut, dass es manchmal eine gefühlte Ewigkeit dauert, bis ich die Dinge, die ich in meinem Kopf habe, tatsächlich umsetze. Dabei weiß ich in manchen Fällen wirklich nicht, was mich eigentlich zurück hält. Denn hinterher habe ich es noch nie bereut, angefangen zu haben.
    Nachdem ich letzte Woche verreist war, habe ich mich gestern durch deine letzten Posts gelesen und kann dir nur aufs neue sagen: Du bist mir eine echte Inspiration!
    Hab eine wunderschöne Woche voller Ideen, Schaffenskraft und Sonnenschein!
    Alles Liebe, Naomi

    P.S.: Merci beaucoup für deine E-Mail neulich! Leider kam ich dann nicht mehr zum Antworten, bevor ich abgefahren bin, aber deine Worte haben mir sehr geholfen. :)

    1. Liebe Naomi
      Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte und es tut gut zu wissen nicht allein zu sein mit diesem Problem des anpackens, habe es auch noch nie bereut!
      Dir eine schöne Woche und alles Liebe

  2. Oooh! Wanted to sew a bikini myself for sooo long!!!


    1. Try it! It really is less difficult as it seems and the stretch in this kind of fabric helps a lot for a good fit!
      Wish you a beautiful day

  3. I cannot BELIEVE that you create your own bikinis and knickers. I am beyond IMPRESSED.!!

  4. This looks so great! I can't believe it was the first time you made a swimsuit! I appreciate the tips on how you finished your edges. I keep putting off sewing my swimsuit because I don't have a serger (but could go to a friend's house a borrow hers). Also, I love the bow. It's such a cute touch!


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