Monday, 15 July 2013

About blogging

I love to peek around in the internet and finding things to learn. Learning and discovering new things is the biggest joy for me. I love to grow and improve. Researching whatever my mind strikes and what I'm interested in the moment makes me just so happy. I'm really a internet girl and google is my best friend inside here.

My blogskills grew over time by searching tutorials, going ahead step by step. Looking videos on youtube and sharing the love.

If I find something blog related I pin it on my "fonts and blogtips" board over at pinterest. So I don't loose them and know where they are if I'm searching for them. It is always good to have some stuff to learn ready for when you have a little time to study on your own.
Go over there and be inspired of what all you can learn, take it step by step and don't be overhelmed.

Another way I love is to find out for myself which bloggers I really like and become clear what it is that attracts me to them.
Maybe they write with a funny voice? Or they share really from the heart? Maybe you like the photos they make? The everyday they capture or the words they choose?

Be very honest to yourself and don't compare to them, be open and look with love where you can improve to become the blogger you want to be.
Then challenge yourself and look for exercises that help you to go in the direction you want. It's all about the practice and learning. It is always good to see the points where you can become better and then going to the edge and learn.
Maybe you aren't able to go where you want? You want a blogdesign now, but yet don't understand how to create it? Reach out for help or hire a designer. It could also help to search an ecourse that teaches you what you want to learn, there are so much great online classes and they are so good to build a community and connect with others.

I'm always in love with online classes and looking for new ones, if you have a great tip I'm so happy if you share it with me in the comments.

It's all about beeing brave and not afraid to make mistakes, we aren't perfect at all and the little unpleasant things make you who you are and likeable.
Finding your own rhytm and system that fullfilles you, blogging can really nourish your energy and should be a sacred thing that gives you power and energy instead of something that drains you.


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  1. Bei dir merkt man auf jeden Fall wie viel Liebe und Zeit in deinem Blog steckt! Deine Fotos und Texte sind immer sehr besonders, finde ich. Danke für die vielen Tutorial-Tips und liebe Grüße, Zuzsa


Thank you all, I'm so happy about your comments and that you let me feel the love.
Feel free to communicate with me in english, german, italian and soon french!
Thank to all of you kind and lovely souls out there.


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