Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lingerie sewing

Sewing is oftentimes my medicine, if I'm down, I will sew and create and afterwards I just feel so much better.
I love the structures and textures of fabrics, I love the sweet and roughness of them.
The details you can add to change the whole mood of a piece of clothing and it feels good to make something just for myself. To treasure it and to give value to myself.

I discovered sewing lingerie some time ago and since then I make sometimes a special set, for a special occasion or just to celebrate the everyday.
My panties are already all made by myself, but oftentimes I used only some leftover scratchs of fabric. Now I started to make real sets that make me feel so beautiful and choose my fabric with lots more of attention. I love to create something really unique, perfect fitting and just beautiful for myself to wear.

Here are some helpful links if you want to sew your own underwear.

Ohhhlulu writes on her blog about sewing lingerie and has the most beautiful etsy shop, here pieces are precious and she also sells some pdf patterns.

Madalynne writes a sewing blog and has a sweet pattern and instruction for ruffle panties.

The free pattern to download for cute bloomers from coletterie.

Here another free swimsuit pattern, this lovely set from burdastyle and I love the vintage patterns from mrs. depew on etsy.

For me it is very important that my undergarments are comfortable, this is really my first priority, then I love it a little bit of romantic with some lace. Pastellcolors make my heart beat faster and some florals I would never wear are just the perfect fit for my underwear.

What lingerie pieces are speaking to you?


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fashionstyle inspiration

I love to be inspired of the clothes others wear, the colors and combinations they choose. Here are some favorites that really speak to me.
It helps me choosing fabrics and materials for my own sewing projects.

one // two

five // six

nine // ten

 If you look for more style inspiration hop over to my pinterest board.

When you aren't sure what clothes fit good to your body, maybe try to find out your bodyshape and look around for others with the same shape and then you become a feeling what kind of colthes flatter to the body you have. I'm a rectangle bodyshape type.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Free daily planner

I already made a weekly planner and since I made it a habit to sit down in the morning, journal my soul and heart out and then writing my goals and to do list for the day, I looked for a readymade sheet that makes it easy to organize the day ahead.

I for myself reach a lot more of what I want to do if I take the time to look close what I have to do, which things are more or less urgent and then working focused through my day. I always try to not put to much tasks in one day and am very careful to make it all in a positive way, I love to tick things form my list and make the tasks for my days as little as I can. It just overhelmes me less and gives me the feeling of accomplish more and in an effective way.

Thank you lovely Karen from the graphicsfairy for all the graphics!

Here you find how I made my binder, here is a free printable index and here the weekly planner I designed.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Daily life

Healthy breakfast and a result of my drawing practice. I try to draw daily for some time.

Love this little one and a building from Turin city.

Boxes over boxes all over our appartment. I'm so brave and strong and give away a lot of things I do not need anymore. It's hard mental work for me.

Bye bye sewing machine for some time now and my scarf collection in beautiful colorshades.

More boxes all over and my essentials in a basket. My journals, inspiration pictures, documents, pens, watercolors and my photocamera.

My warderobe, I gave away half of all the things in my closet and feel so much lighter. This little ones all in between and beeing cute.

Turin city in the evening light and a selfportrait draw by me.

Some leftover wrapping paper and orange flowers blooming on our balcony.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Girls room

The room of my girls is full of toys and they have unlimited possibilities to play and make a mess. We already sorted out a lot of the games of them and yet we will not take with us to the new appartment all of them.
I think our children are sometimes so full of material things, they can't play anymore using their fantasy and this is what I try to learn them, to invent things and to be creative with what you have.

In two weeks on thursday I will show here on my blog a peek inside our bath and laundryroom.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Infinity dress

I stumbled open this dresses more then once and everytime I thougth that one day I will make one like this.

There are so much possibilties to wear them and it makes this dress very adaptable at different bodyshapes. You can tie your straps for a cozy afternoon at the seaside with flattering arms or strapless for a dinner out.  It is all up to you how to wear it.

The most important thing in my eyes is to choose very lightweight and good falling jerseyfabric. I found mine at the market here in italy and my dress is made out of two pieces for the straps in the size of 25 cm wide and 200 cm long, my fabric was just this length and they are a good length for me.
A square of 140 cm x 140 cm I folded in four layers and cutted a big circle for the skirt and made a little hole inside it in the middle to fit around my waist, the upper bodice I made 35 cm high and sewed it to fit very snuggly around me, my fabric is very stretchy and lightweight, so I also took it double layered at the bandeau top.
I decided to make a bandeau top, like this I feel more free and don't panic to show to much skin when I play with my girls. It is just more comfortable to not worry about my clothes.
It is easy and fast done, you have only to make one seam, but since this lightweight fabric is very slippery I would suggest to first sew the two long straps to your circle skirt, make sure to overlap them at the front and then sew the bandeau top with a second seam and with some stretch all around to the skirt. Use a stretchstich or a zigzag to sew the pieces together. It is really also possible to do it without a serger.
This kind of fabric will not frill and you can let open all the edges. Easy and fast done.

Here you find a handy tutorial at sew like my mom, there is also the version with the bandeau to from the diy mommy and here are more handy tips how to sew one for yourself from knuckle salad. If you understood the concept it is just easy. I for sure will make another one in a solid color as soon as I find a fabric that fits for a good price.

Love the idea to use them as braidesmaid dresses, here you find an etsy shop with very beautiful ones! Just google for infinity dress and there will show up hundereds of versions how to wear yours!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Print your own selfcare stickers!

Live just guides us and if we trust and let go of our fears, everything will just fall in place in the right time.
There is no other way, it is the law of nature that tends to be in balance.

My purpose is all about selflove, it unravels back as long as I can remember. I learnd all about it, sometimes the hard way and sometimes with beautifull life lessons.
I struggled a lot, dived deep down to the ground and came back to show off. Several times in life and it will go on again like this. I notice the more experienced I become, the more I feel brave to show up and the less I have to dive down to stay alone with me. The more I'm able to share straight from the heart.

I want to be this blog a place where we can show off and let fall down our boundaries. A place to connect instead of building walls.
Freedom isn't reachable until we are bounded to our bodies, but we can set ourself free in our minds. We can put down our masks and show whats inside our heart. 
We can be who we want to be and become a better version of ourself every day.
The most important step is to accept ourself and to admit our imperfection. We all are like this and beeing a human makes us a perfectly imperfect beeing, but this don't has to be a problem, until we don't make it become a problem by ourself and we have to learn to deal with it in a healthy way.

We all struggle and walk in the dark. We are all seeking a purpose and the sense of life, but the ones of us that learn to go further, to step ahead and overgo our fears, to look them straight in the face will grow.

Every victory is personal and we sometimes have to battle over years with our weak points and othertimes we learn to accept them and let them behind us in an instant.

To overcome them we have to be brave.
The very first step is to actually see them, because you can't accept anything if you are not aware of it. You have to look close by and make friends with this points of yourself.
They are making you to the person you are and YES, they are somewhat scarry, too.

But mostly you are a incredible beautfiul beeing, and very sweet person.
You are full of love deep down, behind your fears and at your roots. You are the love.

Here you can print out some love
pdf A4
pdf 2 x A5

As a selfreminder I made this printable love stickers. I print them on stickerpaper and cut them out, then stick them to my journal, in my planner and on the mirror in the bathroom. It feels good to be reminded that we are all beautiful. We are the love.

A big  thank you to Karen from for the grapics.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Inspiration for our new home

Since we have seen our appartment I'm arranging the furniture we have around in my head. I imagine the purpose for every room in our home and I decided for the mood I want to create with a pinterest moodboard "new home".

When we knew that they took us for renting their home, we asked also for the floorplan and I became even more clear how I want to make it look like.
I already see our new nest in it's full bloom and I'm in love. It helps so much to have a nice place to go to, like this letting behind our beloved little casa is much more easy.

I love to decorate and making rooms at the same time practical for what they are made for and I really have to do it with what we already have. There isn't a budget for all the wishes we have yet, also if my wishlist is growing all the time I browse around in beautiful homedecor blogs or at pinterest boards. There are so much things I would love to have, but for now I also have to admit that we have all we need.

Just a little wishlist what I would love to have for our new home in the future

- Ghostchairs or this beautys

- Ikea stocking bed for my girls

- An old selfrestaurated sofa in pink

- A fancy coffeemachine

- A pink blender

- Ikea barchairs

- Patio furniture

In our home we had a garden, but at the new place we don't have this luxury anymore, but still we have an outdoor space and there is a big patio. I will transform this place in a very comfy and cozy one, I already pinned a lot of balcony and outdoor inspiration to my pinterest board.

In my mind I have some comfy chairs to take the sun, rosebushes, a table and chairs to eat outside at warm summerevenings and I would love to bring the teepee I made for my girls out there to play.
There is already installed a fixed barbecue and I can't wait to use it and make a delicious dinner over the fire. So fun!

Can't wait to go and create our new place to live in! I'm sure we will love it!

The three books that inspire me for my home and I'm looking through again and again are Homespun Style and Pretty Pastel Style from Selina Lake and Decorate Workshop from Holly Becker. They are full of inspiration and I love them all.

If you have some lovely decorating books you like I would be so happy if you share them in the comments below. Let me know which ones let your heart beat faster!

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