Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Weekly goals

I had a hard time to let go all of this puppies last week! They where in seven and six are now in there new families. We found really lovely places for all of them, but after three months of babydog bliss, it just feels so empty without them running around my studio during the day.
It was a hard time at some points but also one of the most beautiful. An experience we will not miss, but also not repeat in the near future. It is just so difficult to handle in a rented appartment where you are not as free as if you are the owner.

Here to my three mini goals for this week, you find the goals of last week here.

- I still not want to buy anything for pleasure, except things that are really for pleasure and give me a nice feeling. If nice flowers cross my way, I will take them home and they will inspire me. If we go for a walk after a hot day in the evening, I allow myself to eat a delicious icecream, also because this are the last days here in italy and I will enjoy everything as much as I can.
But I don't buy things for the pleasure of buying, it just does not make me feel good, it makes me longing for more things in a unhealty way.

- I will let go of perfectionism. I have very high claims to myself and I'm not able to relax if there are still dishes in my kitchensink when I go to bed in the evening. I become nervous when there are doghairs on the sofa and I often do not start a project because I think I'm not good enough yet, instead to start doing it and learn with practice. It's just this little thing in my head that pops up to look at all the corners where I could be better instead of looking to the things I'm already good in!

- I will create and not remain in my mind with all the thinking of what else I could do. It is all about taking action and moving. Practice and enjoying the ride. It is perfectly okay to be at this moment where I am, I will grow and learn more, but for now I really can be happy with who I am. I will jump daily into projects with my hands, no matter if I sew, paint or bake! Everything is okay if it complains stepping away of my computer and move away of the thinking part of me! It even does not matter if this projects are perfect, like you can see at my other goal or if I finish them! Just start, take action and then go with the flow!

It is a hugh help to have this little weekly goals, I hopped on the train with the motivation of mara from joyful life, you can link up your own goals there! 
I'm loving this slow progress I'm making and it gives me the feeling of sucess and this positive feeling is a big motivation point to me. I just feel that I accomplish something and went ahead!



  1. Ohhh wie sind die süß, und Deine kleine Maus ist auch eine ganz goldige Puppe.

    Ich glaube das es hart ist die Babys gehen zu lassen, eine gute Entscheidung eines zu behalten. Ich hoffe und wünsche Dir das alle ganz liebe Familien bekommen und genau so glücklich wie bis jetzt weiter leben können.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke.
      Ja wir haben wirklich tolle Familien für die kleinen gefunden und wir werden die meisten auch schon bald mal wiedersehen.
      Wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag

  2. I think that, very often, we risk diluting the power of our latent creativity when we strive for perfection. Imagine all the art that would not exist in the world today if the artists who eventually became great did not practice and put the results of those experiments into the world. The power of the true creative is to constantly put work out there, not to strive for perfection for what we see as imperfect is often perfect to others. Xx


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