Thursday, 20 June 2013

Organizer DIY + Video

Like you read in a lot of posts, I love to be organized and since I started to blog again more regular I set up a blog organizer.
I try to not buy new things I don't need so I had to set up something with the things I already have at home. A padded binder in the size of A5 seemed perfect, not too big and at the same time there is a lot of space to fill it up.
I went with leather, love the feeling of it and it seems to me more luxury, since I still have some leather at home to use and work with, it fitted perfectly. I can imagine that if you do it with synthetic leather, vinyl or fabric it will still become very beautiful, for my next binder I will probably try a new material.

What you need:

Leather, fabric or vinyl for the outside
Ribbon (If it is synthetic it is easy to seal with a fire)
Two pieces of cardboard to cover the inside
Fabric to cover this pieces and make a little envelope if you like

Hot glue or other glue

In the beginning the girls where playing in there room and I could talk a lot, after they came over to chat a little and look what I am doing, so you hear the voice of them and I don't explain anymore a lot what I am doing, since I was distracted a little, but I will write out the steps under the video.
The video is a little boring, I'm still in the learning phase of making videos, but you see what and how I have done my organizer and can craft one for yourself too.

The steps

1. Search together all your materials

2. Cut the padding the same size of the binder outside and leather in the size of the binder plus 2 cm in each side more

3. Cut a piece of ribbon and glue it in the backside to the middle, work fast or make part after part, the hotglue dries fast

4. Glue the padding to the outside

5. Glue the leather to the upper outsides of the binder and glue the overlapping parts into the inside, strech them and do slowly part after part

6. Cut a little hole in the leather with a sharp knife to threading through the ribbon

7. Glue the left and right side of the overlapping leather inside the binder

8. Cut the cardboard to the right size that it fits in the inside part of your binder

9. Wrap and glue the fabric around the cardboard

10. Cut a piece of fabric in the fold to the right size to make a little pocket

11. Glue the cardboard pieces in the inside of the organizer



  1. Ich wünsch Dir auch einen schönen Tag! :-)
    Tolles Tutorial und sehr sehr nettes Video! Danke für die Mühe!
    LG, Steffi

  2. This is beautiful. My mom used to do these for me when I was small.

    <3 R

    1. Beautiful, that your mother made this for you! So lovely.

  3. Love it, I am going to give it a try and make one for my daughter too. x

    1. Oh yes! I'm sure your daugther will love it!
      I love binders, because you can rearange them and there is more freedom in my organization.

  4. This is a lovely story Eos! It reminded me of the pleasure of creating lovely personal things - I don't think that I've covered a notebook since my school days! The video is lovely, like being in the room with you, really nice - I nearly offered to make you a pot of coffee! Xx

  5. Dear Kate, I would love to drink a coffee with you!

  6. danke für das schöne video, ich habe es mir wirklich gern angeschaut und deine anleitung ist darüber hinaus einfach klasse!!! danke! ich fand es auch so süß wie deine kleine tochter ins bild marschiert kam und so interessiert schaute :)



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