Thursday, 13 June 2013

In my bag

I love it to have a peek inside bags of others and to see what they carry around with them.
My bag is very basic and I always try to not carry lots of heavy things I never use.
What I always carry with me is my phone, the key with my sac knife and the scissor, my selfsewn wallet (I made it with this pattern) and the toiletries matroshka bag that I bought at Accessorize. Often I also change them to another or smaller bag.

My little organizer from filofax where I collect all the ideas and inspirations is like my second brain, because if I write it down to use for another time, my mind becomes free again and I'm more able to stay in the moment and enjoy the things around me. Seeking the beauty on our little trips and strolls.

I love to have something to read in my bag, if it is a magazine or a book does not matter. To stop at a playground, sitting on a bench and reading, while the girls are playing and laughing is just the best thing of springtime!
I often carry a snack for the girls with me, here an apple and a bottle of water. 

I have to admit, that the most of times I let my DSLR at home, she is just so heavy to only go to the grocery store and buy some food! Often I also decide to put my 50mm lens on it, this already makes a hugh difference of the weight, but the 28-75mm lens is so much more adaptable for all the situations that cross my way. 
I still have a slightly older modell she is a Canon Eos 400D and I'm striving for an update.
Lots of photos on the go and all on my Instagram feed are made with my galaxy note phone. I love my smartphone and to stay connected with it, but try to take regular some time for me and my family, without any other distraction. I also tend to turn off every notification and check it manual for emails and other things.


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